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Elust 163

16 July 2023
by theoz
Elust 163 cover Jordan Maxx

Elust 163 cover image courtesy of  Jordan Maxx.

Decorated dungeons, submersible sex toys, wildness, erotic imaginings, perverted poetry and the oldest profession.

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Accepting Sadism: Separating Hurt and Harm

15 Sex Room Decor Themes To Consider

7 Steamy Skills For Soft Dom Dirty Talk

Kylie Cockwhore’s Kinky Commentary Part Two

Great posts from Silken Claws, Spices of Lust, Super Smash cache and Morgan Destera. I especially enjoyed the dungeon decor ideas. Given the opportunity, I'd open a Japanese love hotel dungeon with dozens of themed mini dungeon rooms for hourly rentals. Medieval torture chamber in the basement. Alien experimentation suite in the penthouse. One can but dream.

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Embrace Your Inner Wildness and Take a Leap of Faith

Public Sex

The Barefoot Sub and Musings of a Switch share their thoughts. And that image on the Wildness post. Wow!

Product Reviews

Tenga Geo Coral Masturbator Review

Review of the Wave Shower Head Stimulator by Womanizer and Hans Grohe

Sucky Ducky. Funzze Clit Sucking Toy Review

Viben Fierce Wand

Safelust, Liz X, Oz and Witch of the Wands with four fully submersible sex toys. Bath time has never been so fun!

Erotic Fiction

Blowing Off Steam


Hot Spanking Scene

Foryourheartonly, When Jerry Met Ali and Mirror Secret Mirror present their erotic imaginings. These are some talented authors. I'd love to see all three get film adaptations.

Erotic Non Fiction

Red-Bottom Blues

Mistress Victory never ceases to amaze with her depraved rhyming couplets.

Sex Work

Stepping Into a World of Feet

Blue Door Dungeon

How to be an Ideal Client

The ‘Mommy Goddess’ and the Mass Reporting of Sex Workers on Instagram

Double Penetration with Big Dildos

Chat GPT, Bing AI and Google Bard's Opinions on Sex Work

Hemmily Rose, Sandra, Tulsi Tamora, Olivia Snow, Hellga and myself want you to know, sex work is work. There's a whole unbelievably diverse world of different kinds of sex work out there but we all fairly unanimously want decriminalisation and we'd all like to share content online without being silenced and censored. Everything in the world is about sex. Money is what makes the world go around. Is it really that shocking when consenting adults exchange sex and money?