Sex Worker Search

This is a search engine designed to connect clients with genuine, independent sex workers who have their own personal websites.

I'm a sex worker myself and a moderator on a subreddit for sex workers which has over 200,000 members.

I know from my own experience that clients who contact me after looking at my own website are much more likely to be genuine, polite, clean, respectful, show up, pay and have a good time. If they've taken the trouble to do some research and read my website carefully before contacting me, that means they really care about the experience they're seeking.

People who contact me via directory ads are usually not like that. They usually just want to chat and ask for pictures and pretend they are planning to book an appointment to try to trick me into entertaining them on whatsapp for free.

After moderating on sex worker subreddits for many years, it's become apparent that genuine clients don't trust directories any more and sex workers don't trust clients who contact them via directory ads.

Escort directories now have a reputation for fake ads put up by scammers to try to steal deposits.

This practice has become more and more prevalent in recent years. As a result directories are trusted less and less by clients with each passing year.

As the genuine clients increasingly abandon the directories in favour of only meeting sex workers who have their own personal websites, the ratio of genuine clients to timewasters using the directories has gotten worse and worse.

Now almost all the remaining directories are virtual wastelands where a lot of the ads are fake and if you are genuine and do post an ad, the majority of people who contact you via that ad will be timewasters.

This situation is not going to improve. Directories are history. Personal websites are the future.

It is not easy to find the personal websites of independent escorts on any of the leading search engines.

If you search google for "independent escort London", almost all of the results will still be directories and agencies.

Sex Worker Search was made so that clients can use the search engine to quickly and easily find independent sex workers who have their own personal websites and are therefore much more likely to be genuine than a sex worker on a directory.

I hope that this search engine allows more sex workers to hear the magic words "I got your number from your website" and be reassured that they're probably talking to a genuine client.