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How do I avoid scams?

There are no guarantees regarding the sites listed in search results. However, an escort who has their own website is much more likely to be genuine than an escort who just has one directory ad and that's their entire web presence.

Directory ads are very quick, easy and cheap to make so they're favoured by scammers due to their disposable nature. If one directory ad gets reported and removed, another one can be made to replace it. Personal websites are much more costly in terms of money, time and effort to build. They are not disposable like directory ads.

Someone who has gone to all that trouble and expense to build their website and promote it is much more likely to care about their reputation. They're very unlikely to ask you to pay a deposit and then just disappear.

I recommend that you look closely at the web presence of an escort you plan to meet. If their site has been around for many years, they have a friends page listing duo partners who list that escort on their friends pages too, they have a blog that they regularly post on and they have social media with a lot of followers and regularly share new content there, these are all good signs that the escort is invested in building a reputation and will genuinely care about, and take pride in, creating the best possible sessions for clients to keep them coming back as regulars.

Try copy and pasting the mobile number of an escort you plan to meet into another search engine like duckduckgo and see what their web presence is like. TakeĀ  look at their social media. Do reverse image searches on their pics. The more research you do, the less likely you are to get scammed.

How do I use this site?

Just type a word describing the escort you're looking for into the search field and press search. If you're going to meet in person, the most important search term is their location. So if you're looking for an escort in London, just type "London" and press search.

Are the links here paid for?

No. This is a beta version but in future it will be possible to pay for featured listings.

How do sites get selected to be on this search engine?

Any site belonging to an independent escort is eligible to be added so that it is searchable. No other types of sites will be added. So no directories, no agencies, no media websites. Only the personal sites of independent escorts.

How do I get my own site added?

email [email protected]

How do I get my site removed?

email [email protected]