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19 July 2024
Elust 175 is Bigger than Beowulf's Bicep.

The cover image for Elust 175 is courtesy of The Ultimate Exotic Seductress, Nyala Mali. The Sex Shed - How to Recognize Anal Safe Sex Toys in 8 Easy Steps: A practical guide on identifying and using safe anal toys, focusing on materials, design, and safety tips. Ramone Quides - Destroyer of Good Erotica!: Reflections […]

12 July 2024
Best Business Practices For Sex Work Industry Websites According to VISA.

I've been researching regarding best business practices for sex work industry websites. As you may have gathered if you read my previous post on Tech Stacks, the leading escort directories almost all have a terrible track record for customer service, security and privacy. I very much intend for Sex Worker Search to be a part […]

17 June 2024
Elust 174

Elust 174 fishnets the catch of the day of the sexiest blog posts on the web. Cover image courtesy of Catalina Cruz. Subscribe to Catalina's Onlyfans for naughty selfies, kinky photos and exclusive video clips. I'm in awe of Catalina's website and overall web presence. Fingers crossed Epoch, the company that provides credit card processing […]

15 June 2024
Tech Stacks. Which Escort Directory Uses What Technology?

Note from Love Sudo: Thank you for having me add comments to this post. Anything in this colour is our words with the hope to educate readers about the tech mentioned. In building Sex Worker Search, with significant help from Love Sudo, my goal is to select technology that prioritises privacy and security while being […]

14 June 2024
Elust 173. Eggs, Cream, Showers, Switches and Kinky Humiliations.

Cover image courtesy of Multi Award Winning Adult Model & Content Creator! Zara Du Rose. Subscribe on Fansly for Solo, GG & BG content, Cock ratings, Custom clips and Sexy voice messages. Erotic Fiction Ramone Quides Eggs and Cream Carbonara for breakfast. Why not? For Your Heart Only The Shower Wetter than a fishes wet bits. […]

13 May 2024
How to Build a Website

Someone on reddit asked me how to build a website so that they can then get their own site indexed here on Sex Worker Search. I'm no expert on web design but I know someone who is. Josey from Lovesudo is a web design genius. Highly recommended. Josey is honest, reliable, hard working and committed […]

20 April 2024
Elust 172. Life's a Beach

Life's a Beach and this month in Elust 172, all the most talented sex bloggers on the net are here to share their posts. Cover image courtesy of Victoria CMT makes me wish I was somewhere warm and sunny playing in the sand right now. Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships Girl On The […]

14 April 2024
E-Commerce for Sex Workers

Image courtesy of Blazoner. Cash is king in the sex work business, especially for in person providers. An envelope with my work name written on it containing my exact fee handed to me at the beginning of the session without me having to ask, is always very welcome. But there are times when I'd like […]

17 March 2024
Elust 171 Puppy Play, Precipices and Platinum Showers.

Elust 171's cup runneth over, like Sydney Screams ' bathtub in the enticing cover image, with sex toys and sexiness spilling out in all directions. Amazing Calvin and Hobbes tattoo too. I vaguely remembered Calvin saying something profound in the original cartoon. This is that = Sex Work The Silky Masseuse A Provider’s Guide To […]

16 March 2024
Twitter (X) Shadowbans

A shadow ban is Twitter's method of reducing an account's visibility without fully suspending it. It's a sneaky and cowardly way to censor content that advertisers might disapprove of without outright banning accounts in order to keep numbers of active users inflated and use these figures to sell ad space. When subjected to a shadow […]

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