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What is the Most Popular Sex Worker Name?

15 August 2023
by theoz


Image courtesy of wikimedia. now has 2300 web sites indexed.

Each of those 2300 sites is now searchable on the sex worker search engine and will appear in search results with a similar title, tagline and meta description to search results displayed by other search engines like Google and Bing.

The titles are clickable links that will open a new tab taking you to a website belonging to an independent sex worker.

Each site has location tags for city and country so if you search for "London", for example, you'll see all 264 of the sex workers indexed so far with London as a location tag or with London in the name, title, tagline or meta description.

In the interests of transparency, the algorithm I'm using for my search engine is weighted such that each mention of the term you search for is worth 1 point unless it's a location tag. Then the tag is worth 300 points and additional mentions are 1 point each. Premium adds 2000 points and featured adds 1000 points.

I sorted all the sites alphabetically by name just out of curiosity to see what the most popular sex worker name indexed so far is.

And the winner is ....



The name Chloe appears 22 times in the names of the sites indexed so far.

Ava, for a close run second place, appears 21 times.

Other names appearing more than 10 times include Anna, Ashley, Audrey, Emma, Eva, Isabel, Ivy, Lilly, Mia, Natalie, Nicole, Olivia, Scarlett, Sofia, Sophia and Victoria.

There were also 8 Sophies so if you count Sofia, Sophie and Sophia as almost the same name, they combine to overtake Chloe.

Anyway, I'm awarding victory to Chloe.

I think Chloe is an excellent sex worker name. It has origins tracing back to the Greek name Khlóe, signifying 'young green shoot' of a plant, construed to symbolize 'blooming'.

In ancient Greece, Khloe was a nickname for the mythical Demeter, the deity associated with fertility, harvest, and the cyclical seasons.

That's the original Khlóe in the featured image doing the Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls pose for an ancient Greek escort website. Either that or she just took an industrial strength antihistamine.