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Elust 165

17 September 2023
by theoz
Elust 165 Mistress Andrómeda

Elust 165 is now live with a ravishing cover Image courtesy of Mistress Andrómeda X.

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Breaking Chains: Reimagining BDSM Roles

Super Smash Cache explains why there's much more to BDSM than binary roles of a masculine, sadistic, Dominant top and a feminine, masochistic, submissive bottom.

Erotic Fiction




Bedroom Eyes 28

Four sexy stories from When Jerry Met Ali, For Your Heart Only, Voyageur and Jerusalem Mortimer.

Sex News, Opinion, Interviews, Politics & Humor

The Rise of the Penis Plush aka Piemel Knuffel

Liz Black embraces the penis plushy.

Writing about writing

Musings and Flashers and Hope, Oh My!

Ramone Quides accesses resources for improving at writing and discovers skills that can be used to turn outlines and unfinished drafts into completed works.

Body Talk and Sexual Health

Cracking Tits? Or Lumps, Bumps And Flaws?

The barefoot sub presents a picture of herself and her friend SWL to illustrate a discussion on self confidence and body image.

Product reviews

Review of Velociraptor Dildo from Laphwing

TOY TEST – Celani Nipple Sucker

We-Vibe Ditto+

Oz, Morgan Destera and Princess Previews review three sex toys.

Sex Work

Large chest for sale!

No Data on Prostitution? Just Make It Up!

Evelyn Becomes a Client!

Victoria Myers, Jack Violet and Evelyn Vale discuss three very different subjects all related to sex work.

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Monogamists get a lil polyamory as a treat on the Ultimatum

People With Penises Can Wear Strap-Ons Too!

Gabrielle Alexa Noel and Girly Juice on some sort of reality dating TV show and some excellent reasons why penis owners can, and should, use strap-ons. That "reality" show looks like prime evidence for no reality whatsoever being involved in reality tv. So they just put some couples in an apartment building and filmed them in the hope that they'd do something entertaining? What if they all got along fine and chilled out together. Maybe played a board game or took a nap. Wouldn't make very compelling television. It's scripted. All reality television is scripted.

Books and Movies

The Shelves of a Feeble-Minded Book Slut: Part One

Book shelf envy. I live in one of the most expensive post codes in the world. London, W1. In an apartment that makes Harry Potter's broom cupboard look spacious. No room for a book shelf. I love it here and it's the perfect location and perfect apartment for me as a sex worker. But one day I'll get a bigger place and first thing I'll do is install a massive bookshelf and fill it with books.