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Elust 168. A Santa's Sackful Of Erotica And Sexuality

24 December 2023
by theoz

Image courtesy of Adrianna Assante.

It's Christmas Eve and Elust 168 is a gift that keeps on giving. We delve into a diverse range of topics within the realm of books, movies, erotic fiction, sex work, product reviews, and thoughtful insights on kink and relationships. From a book review of "Principle Decisions" by Thea Belmont, exploring BDSM themes and deep character exploration, to an examination of the Canadian psychological drama "I Love a Man in Uniform (1993)" and its exploration of obsession and control. Dive into reviews of erotic fiction, insights on kink and fetish, and product reviews covering various adult toys. Join me in opening up a Santa's sackful of erotica and sexuality.

Thanks to ChatGPT for a little help with the summaries to follow.

Books and Movies

Book Review: Principle Decisions by Thea Belmont

Sally Bend reviews "Principle Decisions" by Thea Belmont, praising its deep character exploration and BDSM themes. The protagonist, Vivienne, is a complex character whose journey into submission is both cathartic and reflective. Bend recommends the book for its engaging romance and thoughtful depiction of personal and relational dynamics.

I Love a Man in Uniform (1993): The Celluloid Dungeon

Celluloid Dungeon reviews a Canadian psychological drama, exploring how Henry Adler, a bank clerk turned actor, becomes increasingly obsessed with his police officer role in a TV cop show. As he immerses himself in his character and the accompanying uniform, he descends into a disturbing desire for control and intimidation, ultimately leading to tragic consequences.

Exit To Eden, by Anne Rice

Oz Bigdownunder reviews "Exit to Eden" by Anne Rice. Sadly it seems the book superficially handles its BDSM theme and transitions awkwardly from a kinky narrative to a conventional romance.

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

What’s Wrong With Forced Feminization?

Cut to the Chaste explores the cultural and psychological aspects of Forced Feminization, whereby submissive men engage in feminizing activities, sometimes as part of their chastity dynamics. The author reflects on the personal and societal implications, debates around sexism and consent in kink, and the personal experiences and boundaries related to feminization, aiming to provide a nuanced view of the subject.

A little pick me up.

The barefoot sub discusses the therapeutic and calming effects of rope suspension. Rope bondage can be a personal sanctuary, offering a form of escape from mental clutter and emotional distress. barefoot recounts a recent experience of rope play that provided emotional relief and a sense of peace, highlighting the importance of such activities as personal coping mechanisms.

BDSM Aftercare

The Disorderly House post emphasizes the crucial importance of aftercare in BDSM activities for both the submissive and the dominant. It describes the physiological and psychological changes experienced during BDSM play, including the highs of power play and the subsequent "drop" experienced by both parties. The article explains what a sub drop and a Dom drop are and discusses the potential physical and emotional symptoms. It then underscores the necessity of aftercare to mitigate these effects, offering a variety of aftercare practices to ensure the well-being of all participants and maintain the intimacy of the relationship.

Unlocking Pleasure: 14 Essential Prodomme Tips for Baby Subs

Podopheleus' post aimed at individuals new to the BDSM scene. Pod shares personal insights and guidance for those exploring submission and considering engaging with a professional dominatrix. The article covers a range of topics, including the importance of thorough research, respect and communication, setting personal boundaries, and understanding the human aspect of dominatrix-submissive relationships. It emphasizes the need for consent, self-respect, and patience in navigating these dynamics, aiming to prepare new submissives for a safe and fulfilling journey into BDSM.

Erotic Fiction

Tender Domination

An excerpt from a story by Ramone Quides being written for a book release. It narrates a vivid scene of a couple engaging in dominant-submissive play, specifically focusing on the female dominance in their sexual relationship. Set in a secluded yet accessible location, the story explores the dynamics of consent, control, and sexual fulfilment between the couple, "Mark" and the narrator. It depicts scenes of eroticism, dominance, and aftercare, highlighting the trust and communication that underpin their relationship. The excerpt provides a glimpse into the power play, emotional connection, and the sensual pleasure of BDSM activities, aiming to entice readers with the couple's intimate and controlled exploration of dominance and submission.


"The Ghost of Timor – Ch.21 – End" is a concluding chapter of a serialized erotic fiction story, detailing the protagonist Alison's introspective and sensual journey. It reflects on her past and present relationships, particularly focusing on rekindling an old flame, Jeremy, and navigating the complexities of her desires and regrets. The narrative is rich with moments of self-discovery, sexual exploration, and emotional revelation, culminating in a vividly described solo erotic experience amidst the countryside. Alison's journey is one of self-acceptance and exploration, marked by a poignant questioning of past decisions and a newfound willingness to embrace her desires. The story is published by Dr Girlfriend, an author known for writing erotic fiction.

Sexy Ghost Story – Mia’s Books

A post by Tabitha Rayne announcing the release of her new erotic tale and audiobook titled "Mia's Books – A Ghostly Obsession," just in time for the spooky season. The story revolves around Mia, an insomniac who finds solace in reading spicy romance novels to fall asleep. One night, she sneaks into a library and encounters a ghostly entity that emerges from a dusty tome and begins a spectral seduction. This paranormal experience continues at home as Mia falls in love with the spirit, which knows how to please her but becomes increasingly demanding.

Sex Work

Squeeze me Please Me

Kristina-J's informative guide to cock rings. The post reflects Kristina's knowledge and experience in sexual wellness, aiming to educate readers on the benefits and proper use of cock rings.

Double Deflowering

Lady Phoenix recounts a sensual BDSM session between the author, a dominatrix, and a young man named Henry. In their second meeting, the session is aimed to be more sensual and exploratory, particularly focusing on Henry's anal deflowering. Lady Phoenix describes preparing Henry for the experience, including wearing a strap-on and guiding him through his first anal penetration with care and gradual intensity. The narrative delves into the physical sensations and emotional dynamics of the encounter, highlighting trust, consent, and discovery. It concludes with Henry also losing his actual virginity, making it a double deflowering session, guided by Lady Phoenix's expertise and the symbolic power of her Phoenix tattoo, leading to a synchronized climax.

Happy Poo Emoji

The post is a blog entry by Sandra detailing her experience with a new client who requested a scat fetish session as part of a kinky girlfriend experience. The client was respectful and sincere, leading to a successful encounter where they engaged in a fetish act involving defecation. Sandra narrates the unusual request with a sense of normalcy and professionalism, reflecting on the nature of such requests in the sex work industry.

What to Do When Your Sexual Expectations Fail You?

Sapora Knight addresses the issue of sexual performance anxiety and the unrealistic expectations individuals often have in intimate settings. It emphasizes the impact of mental stress and societal pressures on sexual dysfunction and the disconnect from true intimacy. The author suggests a shift towards presence and internal awareness, offering practical advice and steps to foster genuine connection and pleasure, moving away from goal-oriented mindsets to more fulfilling sexual experiences. The post encourages readers to explore and embrace vulnerability in their sexual relationships for deeper intimacy.

Revolting Prostitutes Book Review

My review of an excellent book by Juno Mac and Molly Smith. RP emphasizes the importance of listening to sex workers' voices, advocating for their rights and dignity, and challenging the stigmatization they face. The authors argue for the decriminalization of sex work as a means to enhance safety and working conditions, presenting a well-researched discussion on the legal, social, and economic dimensions of the industry.

Product reviews

Tracy's Dog Flowliper Vibrator - Innovative Features and Honest Insights

Liz X provides a detailed evaluation of the Flowliper Vibrator, highlighting its innovative features and sharing personal insights. The review covers aspects like design, build quality, charging, waterproof capabilities, and user experience, emphasizing its lightweight nature, IPX6 waterproof rating, and versatile stimulation heads. Liz praises the product's packaging, magnetic charging, and fun pulse mode, while noting its milder suction and niche pulse mode as potential drawbacks.

Review: Velvet Thruster Prime

Princess Previews evaluates the Velvet Thruster Prime, a modular thruster with multiple heads and accessories, highlighting its thrusting capabilities, versatility, and innovative design. Despite praising its performance and unique features, the review also notes significant issues with durability and water resistance. The Prime is recognized for its powerful thrusting ability but criticized for technical problems and its high price, leading to a mixed overall impression.

RawLoveStudio Moonbean Unicorn Dildo

The review on Witch of the Wands covers the Moonbean Unicorn Dildo by RawLoveStudio, celebrating its fantasy unicorn horn design and suitability for beginners to fantasy toys. The dildo is praised for its unique design, comfortable handling, and gentle texture, suitable for both strap-on use and hand-held play. The reviewer highlights its aesthetic appeal, custom color options, and the delightful experience it provides, especially noting the comfortable base and silicone's perfect squish. Overall, the review recommends the Moonbean for those venturing into fantasy toys or looking to add a whimsical touch to their collection.

Uncle Bob Silicone Dildo From John Thomas Toys

The SexToyDB review criticizes the Qiui BeatPat Electro-Spanker for its poor design and ineffective electro play feature, which fails to deliver the promised sensations. The device's cheap feel and an unintuitive app further detract from the experience. The review concludes by advising against the purchase due to its fundamental flaws and lack of value.

Qiui BeatPat Electro-Spanker Review: Is This Thing Even On?

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Keeping Your Toys Clean: A Guide to Protecting Your Health and Pleasure

Buzz Vibes blog highlights the necessity of cleaning sex toys to prevent infections, preserve their quality, and ensure hygiene. It recommends appropriate cleaning methods based on the toy's material, proper storage, and regular checks for damage. Using condoms on porous toys and suitable lubricants is also advised for safety and enhanced pleasure. The blog underscores that proper care extends toy life and ensures safe usage.