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Elust 169. Wonder Woman, Big Balls, Buggery and G-Spots.

19 January 2024
by theoz

Elust 169 has it all. From a stunning image courtesy of Calea Toxic, to Wonder Woman, orgasm denial, spanking, Femdom, snowman sex toys, sex dolls, big balls, the best sex toys of 2023, self-pleasure, buggery, G- spots, and so much more.


Ramone Quides,  Oh, What a November to Remember!

Reflections on the year that was and teasers for upcoming plans for 2024.

Books and Movies

History of BDSM, TammyJo & Peter discuss Professor Marston & the Wonder Women

Covering how to be bi and kinky in the 1930s, negotiating polyamory in the closet, and the femdom episode of Speed Buggy.

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Cut to the Chaste, A Debate Over Orgasm Denial and Chastity

There is more to chastity than orgasm denial, eg psychological power dynamics, exploration of boundaries, and intimacy-building.

Pieces of Jade, Happy Christm-ASS

180 whacks!

Morgan Destera, Guest Blog - Kylie Cockwhore

Your favorite gay cockslut is a sucker of thumbs, amongst other things.

Podopheleus, 7 Powerful Insights: Exploring the Essence of France FemDom with Inanna Justice

Inanna Justice and Pod discuss France FemDom, an international three-day event celebrating female domination.

Product reviews

barefoot, The Joy Snowman- A Bestvibe Review

Tis the season to wank yourself off with a sex toy shaped like a snowman.

Sex Toy DB,   This Hip Doll Fucks You Back: Sinloli Ethel 27lb “Smart” Hip Doll Review

A sex doll with a ridiculously cool superpower: she fucks back

Joanne's Reviews, Colon Balls Platinum Silicone Depth Trainer

The smallest of the four size options is not small enough for those new to anal, at roughly the size of a satsuma.

Betty's Toy Box, The Top 10 New Sex Toys of 2023. A Sexy Year in Review

The most popular toys of the past year, the newest, most innovative, and bestselling sex toys.

Princess Previews, Top 10 Sex Toys of 2023

Number one on this list and number one on Betty's list above are both on my shopping list for sure.

Erotic Fiction

Jasmine Gold, Teacher's Pet

A parent teacher conference gets smutty.

Jaime Mortimer. Bedroom Eyes 31

Maires gets buggered. Stephanie has an unusual pet name. "Scallop".

Erotic Non Fiction

Kristina J,  The Role of Ego in BDSM: Navigating Power Dynamics with Awareness

Musings of a Switch, Female desires.

William fantasises about having the appearance and desires of a woman

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Buzz Vibes, Everything you need to know about the G-Spot

This article discusses the elusive g-spot, describing its location and variations in sensitivity, offering tips on how to find and stimulate it using fingers, vibrators, or different sexual positions, and showcasing popular g-spot toys to enhance sexual experiences and intimacy with your partner.

Body Talk and Sexual Health

Liz X Likes, Unlocking the Surprising Mental Health Benefits of Self-Pleasure

The mental health benefits of self-pleasure, including stress relief through oxytocin release, improved mood due to endorphins and dopamine, and better sleep regulation.

Sex Work

Lady Phoenix, 12 Months A Slave

Slave M's journey over the past year has involved intense training in serving and worshiping his Mistress, highlighting his significant progress and numerous new experiences during their sessions and outings, ultimately demonstrating the potential for a novice slave to excel under proper guidance and commitment.

Ms Sapora Knight, Erotic Devotion

Vividly describes a passionate and spiritual union between two individuals, emphasizing the intense sensations, emotional connection, and surrendering of the self to a transcendent experience of love and desire.

Sex Worker Search, Sexworkopedia

An A to Z of sex work.

Delilah Odell, Adventures In Playing For Both Teams: January 2024 Edition

An escort's  experiences as a client of escorts between December 2018 and July 2023.