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Elust 170. Coregasms, E-stim butt plugs, Sissies and Pro Subs.

16 February 2024
by theoz
Elust 170 Jo Koss

Once again, it's an honour to have my Clientopedia blog post featured alongside the writings of so many talented sex bloggers. Beautiful cover image this month courtesy of Jo Koss.

Books and Movies

History of BDSM Roman Scandals (1933): The Celluloid Dungeon

You had me at Roman Slave Market! Possibly not the most politically correct screenplay ever written but it was the 1930s.

Erotic Fiction

When Jerry Met Ali Voyeur

That cum isn't going to wipe itself up. Might as well use his tongue.

Jerusalem Mortimer Bedroom Eyes 32

Maires and Master discuss what to do with their slave, Scallop. They settle on using her for a tray table.

Jasmine Gold Hyperion Man

Imperfect, genuinely interesting characters in a realistic setting with real chemistry in short story that builds a lot of atmosphere. This is really impressively well written. And the investment manager has magic fingers.

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

barefoot sub The Impact Of Running

I learned something new. It's possible to have an orgasm from running! And other forms of exercise. They're called coregasms. Awesome!

Pain as Pleasure Burn And Rave At Close Of Day

Though wise men at their end know dark is right.

Erotic Non Fiction

Kristina J The Girlfriend Experience: What Sets My Heart Racing and Ignites Desire

From now on whenever anyone asks me what GFE is, I'm sending them this link. The definitive answer.

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Buzz Vibes The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Satisfaction for New Couples

The most important thing in the bedroom is not what happens between your legs but what happens between your ears.

Product Reviews

Sex Toy DB E-Stim Systems Large Torpedo Review

An electro play butt plug purchased with a gift card won as one of the prizes from last months Elust.

Sex Work

Amelia Swann Couples and Curiosity

How to have the perfect threesome with an escort.

Fox Digital Can AI Deblur Your Photos And Identify You?

Yes. But it seems like if you're not facing directly into the camera, a high level of blur is used and/or your face isn't evenly lit so there are uneven shadows and highlights, the deblur won't work that well. Yet. Wait and see where this tech is in a few  years.

The Lady Phoenix Vision in Crimson

Becky gets a sissy makeover.

Carrie Young Introducing The Working Submissive

I subscribed. It's a fascinating subject and there really is very little information available about how to be a professional submissive.

Sandra Duo with TS Ama

An M F TS threesome, latex fetish, cross dressing and anal play. My kind of first date.

Hellga Latex Fantasy Session with Poppers Gas Mask

A hardcore fucking machine DP session with a sequel yet to be published set in a sex dungeon.

Oz Valentine's Day Voyeur Duo with Kensley

Roses and chocolates are overrated. Book an escort or two for a Valentine's day treat!

Sex Worker Search Clientopedia

My post with all the answers for clients curious about how to safely arrange an appointment with a sex worker.


Musings of a Switch An independent artist search

Beautiful pic. I'd love to see the transwoman version.

Writing about writing

Ramone Quides Welcoming in 2024 with Writer’s Block

Ramone reaches to his muses for inspiration.