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Mistress Ritual: SF Bay Area Dominatrix

Taller than you
Mistress Ritual is more than just a curvaceous vixen with a love for power exchange and total control. Standing at 6 foot 2, her strong and womanly stature is sure to intimidate you and make you fall to your knees.

Mistress Violet: Do you crave the psychological release My sessions offer?

I welcome all experienced slaves and players as well as novices or those who want to experience a new dimension of themselves.
I am passionately dominant and thrive on being in a position of control over another. I revel in power exchange, being rewarded by the diverse possibilities BDSM play between two consenting adults. I’m always dressed impeccably to thrill, enthral and mesmerize my slaves. Some feminine, some stern but all sexy and beautiful. Male, female or submissive couples are welcome. Your level of experience is unimportant, all I seek is your attention and respect. While I endeavour to meet all your expectations, in return I expect you to succumb to my own ideals. I welcome novice or experienced submissives. My style is unique, playful and sensual to very strict and demanding, depending on my mood.

Mistress Angel Severin: Mistress of Taboo

The Angel of kink
The maniacal tamer of your soul; luscious 5'11 Goddess; fetish specialist; perverted power-exchange femdom ; Experienced Multi-ExxxperTease artist Mistress Angel's presence is always known when she walks into a room. And in flesh form she is before you. There is something raw yet stunning about her. Wouldn't you love to know her? Deserving of all. It is as if, indeed, you saw an Angel. You fall to your knees.

Mistress Dida Fox: Wickedly Intuitive

I am Mistress Dida Fox, San Diego/LA based Professional Dominatrix, a vision of power, elegance, and classical beauty.
I will be obeyed, and you will serve Me. I will seduce you into My world, break you down, and mold you into My perfect plaything. Prepare to fall prey to the art of seduction - your body will become mine, and your will no longer your own.

Mistress Sophia: Pro dominatrix

Mistress is a Master of Conscious BDSM/Creative Fetish Play.
A Conscious Kink Coach & Educator. She trains others in accessing one's own erotic intelligence. American born European roots. Spiritually Trained in the Tantric Erotic Arts.

Mistress Valerie Marvelle: Come to the Marvelle Universe!

I’m based out of SAN DIEGO, CA and available to be flown out to you! I look forward to meeting you very soon
Let go of the structures, the suffocating restrictions of social mores and daily life. Enter my dream world, where your darkest fantasies are wholly embodied and embraced by a truly dominant woman. I am Mistress Valerie Marvelle and I am here to take you on a journey unlike any other, of complete abandon and submission to me.

Mistress Jennifer Hex: The Enchantress of Ecstasy

Enchanting, commanding, and gilded in gold, Mistress Hex’s touch flows energetically from ecstasy to agony.
Her body is a decadent work of art most frequently encapsulated in latex, leather, or lingerie. She prides herself on mind-melting connection to her submissives, requiring supreme dedication and gratitude. In return, her sadistic strokes and tender touch bestow a true sense of honor among those graced by her presence.

Mistress Nila Fix: Resign yourself to a Queen

I am Mistress Nila Fix.I’ve been waiting patiently for your arrival at My feet.
I expect your full attention, and your unwavering devotion. I believe in creating a world for just you and I, where your thirst is so intoxicating and your quest to please Me so harrowing, that you, in turn, discover yourself. I push you so that you may return to the world renewed, aware that limitations are a construct and that freedom is on the other side of fear. I offer you the gift of surrender, and the opportunity to quiet your mind, so that I may slither inside and imbue My tenets. I indoctrinate you under the law of My chimerical land, to guide and inspire you, to make you better.

Mistress Lillian Bastet: Yes Mistress!

A Sensual Sadist, Earthly Goddess, Queen of Darkness, Shapeshifter, Dream Weaver. 
There are many ways to perceive but only one way to experience My Unique Dominance of Discipline and Desire. Below My presence, whoever/whatever you wish to embody is most welcome, for transformation is what we will experience together.  Veils will be lifted and any fantasy or fetish you wish to share will be opened up for me to witness, for me to control. When we meet, my deep gaze will observe, my sensuous voice will intoxicate, my body will accentuate My power, your pleasure. The utmost respect and an open mind are required to serve and should you adhere to My liking, your submission begins the moment you say Yes.

Mistress Lula: weaponized eyes, curves, brain

MISTRESS LULA pro-Domme + DJ in LAX weaponized eyes, curves, brain
REAL SADISTIC HEALING I take your masochism seriously. You’re an individual, and the way I’m able to extract the most sadistic pleasure from you is by preying on your unique characteristics and kinks. My sessions are bespoke, not cookie-cutter. I don’t put on performances or placate you with favors. I feed your heart with my own earnest joyfulness, not bullshit or posturing. My sadism is always genuine. I expect the same of your submission. MY FAVORITE WAYS TO PLAY WITH YOU: body worship; bondage; chastity + o control; cuckolding; electro-play; humiliation; hypnosis; impact play; punishment; tease + denial
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