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Angie Harlowe: Toronto based companion

Probably not the best, but definitely not the worst
In a world overrun with exclusive companions, luxury girlfriends, and elite escorts, I am humbled to welcome you to my totally normal, run-of-the-mill, top of the bell curve, unexceptional existence. If you're looking for Toronto's best kept secret or Southwestern Ontario's ultimate girlfriend or Canada's it-girl, you will not find her here. Expect mediocrity of the utmost caliber.

Nadia Lovechanko: Canada's Bisexual Babe

Hottest Mom At Drop Off
I was first attracted to the industry from a young age, watching my friend's older siblings be both independant & financially stable while living their dream lives.

Avril: Canadian Pilates Instructor

Canada based. San Diego & Sydney raised. Paris Obsessed.
I'm Avril, a 38 year old Pilates Instructor from Canada. I was raised all over Canada, as well as San Diego, California. I spent almost a decade in Australia, where I obtained my degree in Sociology. Since I have been back in North America I now travel to Europe fairly regularly. I have been travelling my entire life and particularly loved my trips to India, Italy, Fiji and Paris.

Holly Secret: Canada’s Sweetheart

I’m the kind of person that gets lost in time talking to strangers they meet throughout the day.
Hello! My name is Holly. Introductions are just the best, aren’t they? So many possibilities! Let me tell you a bit about who I am… Growing up, I was the absolute celebrity of my local playground. I was ecstatic when a new friend would meander into the play area. I couldn’t help myself from connecting with every peer I met. The other parents nicknamed me ‘the socializer” and it stuck. Not only was it my first adult word, it was a name that has foreshadowed relationships being the centre of my life.

Lady Jay Cherie: Vancouver's Luxury Dominatrix and Companion

It is time to crave a little piece of me, Lady Jay Cherie.
You may address me as Jay Cherie… or Miss Cherie, if you are hoping to serve me. I am one of Vancouver’s most highly reviewed Professional Dominatrix, as well as a Luxury Escort located in Downtown Vancouver, Canada… Though, you shall see upon meeting me that I am simply much more than that.

Cristy Mature: Cristy Mature

Hello, I'm Cristy, and I'm so happy you've found me. I'm located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.Thank you for viewing my website. I hope it entices you to want to visit me in person. I look forward to making your acquaintance.
I am an imported Haligonian, and I love living here in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I'm educated, perfectly imperfect, maturing gracefully, and enjoying all life offers me. I have past experiences in esthetics, sales and design. I now spend most days shopping, discovering a new restaurant, finding new places to hike with my beloved dog, learning something new, or just doing whatever it is I decide to do at the moment. The highlight to any day, week, or month, is when I accept an appointment with an interesting gentleman. I prefer longer, unrushed appointments, whether they be spent at my discreet locale or out at a cozy restaurant.

Kalani Rose: Kalani Rose

Hello My love! I'm delighted that I caught your attention among so many beautiful woman in this business.
My name is Kalani, I am a fun-loving, university educated companion on my mid twenties. I'm based in beautiful Canada but as I am traveling and touring around the world full time I only stop by for a few brief times a year. This makes me available internationally and lucky to meet so many exciting and interesting gentleman like you around the globe.

Lara Lafleur: Lara Lafleur

Exotic muse
Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, I’m always unintentionally catching the attention of those who lay their eyes on me... My exotic nature allows me to adapt, connect and cater to all different types of personalities. I do not discriminate as I'm a firm believer that all things under the sun deserve love and compassion. Although I'm young in age, I work hard to become the best possible version of myself.

Akira Yofu: Akira Yofu

I am proud to say: I am not your ordinary girl. With me, there’s no need to choose between brains and beauty.
I'm the perfect East meet West. Moving from Japan to Canada in my early teen allows me to absorb the best of both cultures. ​Throughout the years, I have learned that honesty and open communication, and relationships are everything.

Amara Anderson: Canadian Based Girlfriend

Travel, Mexican food, & Art are the keys to my heart
European elite companion in my early 20's based in Toronto, Canada. I would describe myself as a very well mannered, funny, and free spirited soul. I strive to offer my clients the very best in companionship and luxury. Well educated and travelled, I speak three different European languages. which gives me a great love for engaging in stimulating conversations on a variety of topics. I am extremely spontaneous and love embarking in new life experiences & do my best to keep my mental/physical health at it's peak. When I'm not spending time working on my modelling career which allows me to travel. I'm usually out and about venturing out to new spots of interest in town. Some of my current hobbies right now are horror cinema, hot yoga, taking up new courses on skill share, meditation, and travelling. I'm always open to meeting introverts and extroverts as I have quite the adaptive personality with new people and environments.
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