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The Goddess Obsidian: THE DARK FEMININE

I have a versatile BDSM skillset and competently engage in a wide variety of types of BDSM play. However, my key strengths lie in the fact that I’m a fear and pain specialist. I’m extremely sadistic, and I can intimidate, humiliate and degrade like no other.

Mistress D: Very experienced Fetish Dominatrix

"I am Mistress D. and welcome to My Domain of Fetish and BDSM. I am mature, educated, very experienced and have over 20 years of Professional “Playing” under My belt…you are in a Safe place."

Krissy Smith: Your Voluptuous BBW Lover catering to your Fantasies & Fetishes

I am a voluptuous and busty Big Beautiful woman (BBW). When you touch my skin, you will find it soft under your fingertips, I have definite curves hopefully in all the places you like to see them. I prefer to describe myself as soft, voluptuous and womanly.

Mistress Honey: Witch Bitch Dominatrix

I am…the seductive Foot Goddess of your deepest fantasies, and the sadistic hell bitch of your darkest desires.

Mistress Lola Lovelace: Curvy, callously cold professional dominatrix

I entered into the compelling world of the sex industry from a young age and my pursuits quickly blossomed from online to face-to-face.

Mistress Ophelia Fatale: Statuesque Demoness and Professional Dominatrix

Now that we’ve gotten the obvious out of the way, I don’t feel compelled to bore you with a list of synonyms attempting to convince you of My dominance. My lust for an authentic, flowing power exchange is as fierce as My eyes, I am an entirely unique individual with a style of dominance just as authentic.

Freya Fey: Where risk meets trust magic happens!

Freya is whip smart. A goddess in name, in beauty, in authority, in intellect. If you want to submit to a beautiful intelligent woman who is warm, caring and genuinely sadistic, then Freya will collaborate with you to explore new sensations and, with your consent, to explore your boundaries… The intimacy I experienced reached deep into my psyche and I find myself re-running those mental tapes over and over.

Miss Bindikat: Dark by nature, dark by force!

Fetish is not just about the depraved. BDSM is not just about brutality, it’s relationships of love and respect.

Mistress Alex Vicia: Professional Dominatrix and Fetishist

"Professional Dominatrix and Fetishist For your Latex, Shibari, Corporal Punishment fix,"

Mistress Lux: Professional Dominatrix

I enjoy sessions with people who like to explore their limits physically, emotionally or mentally and preferably all 3 at once. I enjoy people who like to bring their entire self to a session and lay it all bare to explore.

Mistress Amara Dolce: Fetish, Kink and BDSM Sessions

proceed if you are over 18 and are interested in Female Supremacy, domination, bondage, discipline, humiliation, cross dressing, forced feminization, strange fetishes, electrical play,

Mistress Electra Amore,: Intense - Sensual - Domination

I relish in the essence of you surrendering to My touch as I harness your submission with My Dominant desires to submit, surrender and obey Me

Talisin Switch: Kink connoisseur and fetish facilitator

"""Hi There Mx Talisin, I found your profile on [...] and I am interested in a session with you. I'm hoping to explore [ List activities, kinks or fetishes] with you. "

Mistress Estelle Leon: Sensual and sadistic Pro-Domme

Femdom & Fetish
I offer a unique kind of Femdom, a style that embodies My sensuality, romanticism and elegant sadism. I am formidable but tender, ethereal yet nurturing.

Mistress Claudia: Beautiful Experienced Mistress Full Private Dungeo

I am a sensual attractive brunette, slim build with sexy curves, beautiful hazel green eyes, sultry dark painted lips, and a wild mane of long dark curls.

Mistress Imperia: Highly experienced Mistress

I am an Australian Mistress conducting sessions in Sydney. I am a creative Dominant with over 18 years experience.I spent the first stage of my professional career at the world renowned Salon Kitty’s. At age 40 I have now moved on to my own private fully equipped dungeon, located in Annandale close to Sydney CBD.

Indian Trans Goddess: Beautiful Transgender Dominatrix, Creative, Divine

I am Veena, a living Indian Trans Goddess and you were born to worship me. I’m creative and passionate Dominatrix addicted to power. My strength and kink come from a 5000-year old culture that worships trans Goddesses and gave the world Tantra.

Lauretta X: Youngest, Professionally Trained Independent Dominatrixe

Mistress Lauretta exudes femininity and beautiful confidence... She is from a bygone era of style, and is a prototype for the future of a world where women like Mistress Lauretta make the world a better place.

Miss Penelope Dreadful: Professional Dominatrix, Smiling Sadist, Filthy Perv

For over a decade I have been working passionately to build an independent career – working in establishments, touring extensively both interstate and internationally, building My own play space, and organising parties, workshops and events for My community.


Do you yearn to express yourself, sexually, emotionally and physically? Are you seeking a woman who can guide you in these expressions? A woman who can excite you mentally, stimulate you erotically, awaken you to the full spectrum of sexual sensations?

Mistress Serena: Beautiful Professional Mistress and Dominatrix

Have you yet to begin your adventures in the BDSM world, or are you a seasoned player who desires to delve deeper? I relish in your submission and love molding you into a perfect slave that is more than willing to serve Me.

Mistress Jadis Ives: Sydney's strict, sensual sadistic Dominatrix

"Sydney Dominatrix The Empress Elemental Both Sadist and Sovereign Providing bespoke BDSM experiences for connoisseurs of kink"

Fields of Lillith: Androgynous Gender Fluid ProDom/me

"Fall in love every day Deeply, carelessly, recklessly Like your heart’s a stolen muscle driven wildly into the sunset."
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