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Laren: Luxurie Laren

International Model and Private Travel Concierge

Mia Luca: Soft body Sharp wit

Engaging conversation, phenomenal curves

Una Klass: Rebranded Redhead

Sexy, wise, mature, fit, stylish, worldly, cultured, passionate, authentic
Why not spend some time away from your own place and visit me at my plush lair and we'll find out what works for you? I host in my apartment, in a luxury high-rise near the Altice building in LIC (57th st across the river). Or I can meet you at your hotel or in your own place.

Violetta Michelle: Based in St. Louis and touring to NYC, Chicago, & D.C.*

Hello! :) I'm Violetta Michelle, now based in St. Louis, MO. :) I have a private, discreet incall near I-270 & I-64/US 40. My general availability is 10:30am-midnight, 7 days a week, when I'm in town. :) I'm open to meetings outside that time frame if we have met at least once already. Tours: I'm undecided when I will tour next. But if you're interested, please join my email list. When I do decide to tour again, I will publish my tour dates there first! :) ​ I REALLY appreciate all the amazing people I meet. THANK YOU! *I love men and women of all ages, height, weight, race, and abilities. What’s important is that you are 1) respectful, 2) nice, and 3) CLEAN and smelling fresh. You can use my shower if you like! *Outfit requests are welcome. I have a lot more clothes than you see here. :) But unless we are meeting in STL, please make the requests BEFORE I pack and fly to our meeting city. :) *NO DRUGS. I do not judge what people do on their own, but please do not bring mind-altering drugs for your time with me. *I do not smoke, but if you do-- no problem. :) For outcall, I don't mind smoke around me, but please give me a heads up before I arrive. For my place/incall, I can't allow any smoking or vaping at my place. ​

Mistress Vicki Thi: NYC Professional Domina

The Goblin Queen〡 Capably Violent
“The first time…I was a little unsure of the feeling, but by the end of the session I was begging her to do it again. I could see myself descending far into sub space when under Mistress Vicki’s control.” “Excellent. Super professional. You have a great attitude and personality. I’m sure you will prosper in this profession.” “Most of all, I admire her ability to improvise and think quickly on her feet… Mistress Vicki fulfilled one of my all time fantasies with her smoking session.”

Alexa Stephens: Part Daredevil, Part Bubbly Socialite, With A Healthy Dash Of Elegance.

The Most Beautiful Thing A Woman Can Wear Is Confidence
My name is Alexa Stephens. I am an outgoing woman with a big personality and a lot of presence. I live for the moments in life that bring me joy and make me feel alive, from skydiving to an evening in with a glass of red, my paints and easel. I'm equally as comfortable in hiking boots in the mountains as I am in a cocktail dress at La Grande Boucherie. I enjoy yoga, wineries, travel, music, museums and spending time with my pups in my downtime.

Antonia Gavassi: Model and Blogger

She’s Got A 90’s Head But She’s A Modern Lover, She’s Made Of Outer Space
In return, I ask of only one thing during our hours together: that you be you. My genuine belief is that when we are our most authentic selves, we both thrive incredibly. Experience has taught me nothing less. There is no prejudice, only warm welcome for any gender identity/expression, race, ethnicity, size, nationality, sexual orientation, religion and culture. See you soon, you my lover.
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