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Giselle Collins: I'm Giselle Collins

Fun loving, toned and educated
Hello Gentlemen, California native, wellness coach and genuine woman. I am a luxury companion who is romantic and confident . While my beauty captivates, it's my sophistication, charm, and wit that will leave an unforgettable impression. Being a wellness coach, my passion is making others feel desired and appreciated.

Georgina Godard: Georgina Godard

It girl about town
“A story should have a beginning, a middle and an end, but not necessarily in that order.” -Jean-Luc Godard One of the thrilling (if a little anxiety-inducing) aspects of being alive is that you never know where you are in your own story. Even if it seems like the credits are about to roll, a stone fox may walk into the hotel bar where you sit and order a martini, setting into motion a chain of events that becomes the central story arc of your life- or your night. Sometimes it only takes one perfectly mind-blowing night..

Holly Hudson: One Hand Washes The Other

Thank you for taking the time to read my biography, enjoy my photo gallery, and scroll to my booking form below.
Generous gentlemen, My lust for life drives my passions and makes me your ideal lifestyle companion. Highly educated and well traveled- I enjoy discussing the cultures of the many countries I have visited and hearing the stories of your own adventures. I am never in a rush and have a great sense of humor to complement my confident glow!

Eden Oracion: Eden Oracion

Queer, mixed Filipino companion & dominant kinky lover
You've been wanting to be reminded of how good it feels to be alive, how delicious it is to awaken and fulfill your desires. You need someone to ease you into relaxation with their full care and attention, so you can escape into a world that grounds yet excites you… challenges your comfort, yet lulls you into euphoria. I'm Eden Oracion. Fade away into bliss with my soft skin, magnetic eyes, sultry voice, body hair, my lush curves, luscious lips, and array of tattoos and piercings. I believe being in our bodies is life’s greatest joy. And we are meant to share that joy.

Zaria Jones: Zaria Jones

Hey, it’s me. I’m glad you’re here.
My big doe-like eyes are grasping hold of your attention, and the way my pink lips gently caress the words flowing out of them have you mesmerized. I lick them as I pause between words. Your gaze stays on my small and shapely mouth fixed with a mysterious smile. I notice. Our eyes meet and we both inhale sharply. I’ve caught you staring and I break into a wide smile as a rose-coloured blush flushes my cheeks. A pretty, unique-looking face with a mix of softness and angles, high brows and kind, big eyes stare back at you above a tender smirk of allure, as if to say I know something about you that others don’t. My quick-witted nature and what seems like old-world elegance keep you ever so slightly on edge. My feminine energy and aura are palpable and enticing: dangerous and alluringly unsettling. But my warm, full-bodied laugh eases you into my presence. We both know I want you to melt into me.

Alma Santiago: sweetheart with an untamed soul

Maybe you’re here because I strike you as different.
Perhaps you’re looking for someone you can connect with on a human level. Someone playful, witty, radiant and sultry who will wrap you in her world and take you on a journey. “Alma” means soul in Spanish. I believe the soul is the inner force that animates us. Vibrant and passionate, the soul transcends logic, reason and responsibility. When we connect with our souls, we liberate ourselves from the boredom and emptiness of everyday life. Many people question whether or not the soul really exists; I hope our time together will make you a believer.

Dana Diaz: Please feel free to contact me with serious inquiries only.

East Coast based esthetician student. I enjoy equally being a connoisseur of my passions as well as sparking my curiosity with new possibilities.

Sophia Grey: LA It Girl & Professional Companion

Femme fatale with a heart of gold and a penchant for dirty… martinis
Quick witted and disarmingly charming, I'm the type of woman who turns heads when I walk in a room. Emanating a harmonious blend of sophistication and approachability, my confidence and poise make me the perfect fit for any setting. Friends and lovers alike have described me as the Bond girl who may be the villain- a woman of many mysteries and intricacies, I love to keep people guessing and always wanting more.

Winnie Elle: Curator of Fantasy

I have always been free spirited and independent.
Yearning to be a multidisciplinary artist, I coasted through university, soaking up everything creative. I can sculpt, paint, model, and sew like a pro. I’ve even earned money for tuition by making molds and replicas of people’s unmentionables. My insatiable curiosity compelled me to try anything I could get my hands on.

Ariana Star: Your exotic bombshell

I am sensual, sweet, outgoing and romantic.
I love to spoil the man I am with and he always has my full attention. I live a very fit and active lifestyle. You can find me anywhere outdoors or in the gym most days. In the evening, I love a good book and a nice glass wine. From socialite engagements, to a fun night on the town. I know how to adapt & give the best kind of attention. Most of all I am loyal and trustworthy. I can't wait to meet you and explore all possibilities.

Carmen Chase: Welcome to my world of luxury and glamour!

I’m Carmen a feminine and sophisticated companion in my 20s
My passion for Pilates keeps me in shape and gives me the energy and flexibility to enjoy all the wonderful experiences that life has to offer. Whether it's a Michelin-starred restaurant or a hidden gem, I always seek out the best culinary experiences.

Casey Calvert: Enjoy! I can’t wait to hear from you!

I’m Casey Calvert, and this is my official online home.
Have you ever wanted to get to know the real me? This is the place to start! You’ll find my (sometimes NSFW) blog, my store (where you can buy worn clothing, 8x10s, and DVDs), and info on how to contact me! I love making custom videos for my fans, and this is the only place to order one! Find out to order your very own Casey Calvert custom video today!

Mistress Cleo Ouyang: Let me introduce myself.

I’m the type of person you’d notice across a crowded room.
My presence is unmistakable and alluring, whether dressed in a t-shirt or fetish-wear, standing in sneakers or thigh-high leather boots. If you’d like to know more about me, I would tell you that I’m an artist who found a new medium. My first was ink and paper. And I want my second to be you. Offer up your desires, your body, and your mind to me. What can we create together? What will you make for me? What do you want to me to make of you?

Cristal Camden: I’m a Playboy Model

As a young girl I was always so in awe of the girls and women on magazine covers and in Playboy.
As I got a little older, entering into my preteen years truly began to adore the beautiful girls in erotica. In my wildest dreams did I couldn’t have imagined my fantasy becoming reality. I have been blessed with a beautiful life living at the Playboy Mansion for over a decade and now I have the bleaswd opportunity to complete my childhood dream of becoming an adult erotica star. I feel humbled and honored to embark on this jorney side by side with my loyal fans who I consider friends and family. I am very enthusiastic for this new chapter in my adventure I’d like to call life. Let the magic begin!!

DeLaine: 6’1” tall & curvy tour guide for intimate adventures.

Alluring, Curvaceous, Egaging
My name is DeLaine. I'm 6'1" tall with natural DDD/E cups, bodacious curves, waist-length hair & legs that are long enough to make your jaw drop. ....but my looks pale in comparison to my outgoing personality.

Domina Helena: Femdom Seductress

Lifestyle and Professional Dominatrix with poise and grace that will strip your mind and leave you craving for more.
I will seduce you into doing things that you never thought you would do or too nervous to allow yourself to express. Without fail you will find yourself submitting effortlessly and completely under My control as I feed your kinky desires and fetish. I thrive on full interaction and chemistry as we scroll thru the depths of your mind. My strict disciplinary nature will redirect your behavior to allow you to properly serve me, as I take complete pleasure in your suffering.

Ella Eden: Petite Brunette With Italian Spice

Champagne & sushi enthusiast Jetsetter exploring the world
Meet the captivating gem of the Mediterranean, a green-eyed brunette with olive skin, hailing from the enchanting mix of Italian, Portuguese and French heritage. Polished, educated, and well-traveled, she embodies elegance and beauty, taking phenomenal care of her body, ensuring she's a vision to behold.

Veronica Wilder: Nurturing Woman With A Commanding Presence.

Natural Sweet Petite
I'm California Latina, a laid back creative, a sultry minx, a dark comic, a passionate lover, a once-in-a-lifetime. My curiosity and knack for defying convention have led me to create a world of my very own, full of compassion, sensuality, adventure, love, and luxuries. A tried and true iconoclast reveling in earthly delights. When not backstage at a concert or music festival, you can probably find me camping under the stars in Joshua Tree or indulging in opulence at the spa. I keep a very active lifestyle. I love doing yoga & pilates, hiking, hitting the batting cages, taking archery lessons, and running around the park with my two dogs. I love gloomy gray days spent drinking copious amounts of fresh ground coffee and playing words with friends (I have a 27-word avg). I also love vegetarian cooking and learning new cuisines.

Cherie Fields: Professional Dream Curator

Dinner and Travel Companion
To desire is to be human, and there is nothing more human than to crave the pleasure of intimacy and connection. To the gentleman who seeks such a connection, I bid you welcome.

Eloise Evans: Your Southern California Sweetheart

I am the California girl
Born and based in Orange County, I embody the ideals of sunny California – it’s Endless Summer, laid-back optimism, and fervent lust to experience a life where every day is different from the last.

Emma Lane: Luxury Companion

LA Sweetheart and Luxury Companion
Hello, I’m Emma! I am 25 years old and stand at 5’8 with measurements of 34-25-34. I am a midwest girl born & raised with a beautiful mix of eastern European. I have striking green eyes that contrast my chocolate brown hair. My body has a natural hourglass figure without any enhancements.

Evie Daniels: Fantasy Girl With An Inquisitive Mind

Sports Junky
I am happy that your interest has been piqued to the point that you’ve found yourself here, curious to know more. My name is Evie, and I am a Cali girl. I’ve lived on both coasts, but couldn’t stay away from the beach and the sun. I am 20 something gazelle that enjoys everything life and everything it has to offer. I may be young, but I am old enough to know the importance of connection.

Halo: Curvaceous & Salacious

LA based
There is something you cannot explain about me. I possess a mystique and intrigue you can’t ignore and find yourself wanting to dive into. My every movement encompasses passion and desire. My energy exudes such lust and arousal that you give into the moment and let the eroticism take over into an unforgettable experience.

Persephone Rose: Transgender Dominatrix and Personal Consultant

Galaxy Renowned Actress, Writer, and Certified Dominatrix
Mistress Persephone Rose (She/They/My Lady) is an Autistic, Non-binary, Transgender Dominatrix and Personal Consultant devoted to tearing down corrupt systems and building up the marginalized. A current student of Mistress Damiana Chi at the Evolutionary Dominatrix Academy, Mistress Persephone firmly believes that all individuals should be free to embrace their genuine authenticity and reject oppressive norms, especially those of us who don't fit neatly into society's arbitrary bureaucratic checkboxes.
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