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Rosie Ave: Playboy Model

Cover girl. Czech/American. Influencer. Entrepreneur.
Has it been way too long since the last time you went on spontaneous adventure? This is a perfect day for a new beginning and perhaps new beautiful friendship. People and experiences make life richer, so let's live a little? If you are a businessman who appreciates smooth transaction - you came to the right place.

Amira Andrews: Sweetest Kisses

Hi there, I'm Amira!
I am charismatic, warm and well-educated. My happy place is anywhere I can smile and laugh freely, being silly is my favorite. We can escape the stress of day-to-day life and make memories to last a lifetime. Whether we are enjoying dinner at a new restaurant, journeying through a museum, traveling to a new city, or enjoying a quiet night in, our time will be focused on you and filled with compassion, fun and light hearted moments.

Brooke NY: Short and sweet.

Hello, and welcome to my world!
I love to laugh, and would definitely describe myself as mischievous or playful. I'm a fan of unique adventures, curling up on the couch with a movie or a book, and dancing all night (sexy dancing at a party, slow dancing in the kitchen, and everything in between). I was born in New York, but have lived in over fourteen cities across four countries. I'll be able to chat with anyone about just about anything, and can move easily and comfortably in a number of radically different environments.

Bryleigh: Sweet and sensual

Hello, I’m Bryleigh, and I call New York City home.
I wasn’t born here, but I fell in love with the city’s bustling and diverse character. It seems that not a day goes by without my discovering another gem hidden somewhere in this chaotic metropolis. When we meet, I hope that you feel you’ve discovered such a gem yourself. I have an impeccably limber body, flawless skin free of tattoos, waves of dark, silken hair and big brown eyes you’ll get lost in. Come find me. I’m waiting.

Carmen Love: Sinfully Sweet

I'm a friendly, well-mannered, and educated young lady that always enjoys the company of a gentleman that possesses the same qualities and more.
I love to travel and explore new parts of the world while doing this; it is always a bonus to spend my time creating new memories.

Gigi Bello: Next Stop: Paradise

Looking for a stunning woman to please you and fulfill your desires?
Well you have found me, “Gigi.” I am a slender brunette of Italian and Spanish descent. Born in New York City and raised in Buenos Aires, I am conversational in English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. You will find me to be charming, affectionate and super relaxed in my skin. I am educated, well traveled, and my hobbies range from the outdoors, to sporting events, art galleries, movies and amazing food.

Leonie La Bianca: Luxury European Model

Like the night's enchanting embrace, I embody the true essence of beauty
one that resides within each of us and yearns to be revealed. As a well-traveled, educated, and multi-lingual model, I call the vibrant city of New York my home, but my heart belongs to the world, eager to explore it alongside you. I stand 5’7 tall in hourglass-shaped figure, have full luscious lips, captivating blue eyes and an all natural body. My warm and sincere smile will put you in ease in no time in any setting and make you feel like you meet like you on a casual date with a gf that you have known for a long time … And my light sense of humor will win you over almost as quickly as my looks did and make you delight in every moment spent together.

Cat Gold: Luscious Hairy Femme

I’m a hairy, lush, and sensual femme who holds nothing back.
My voluptuous body with a full bush is incredibly sexy to those who appreciate and adore body hair. As an avid explorer and seeker of beauty, I often find myself straying from normalcy. Through the wildlands of California to the cafes of New York City, if you follow my path you can expect to dip your toes into the pleasure pool of spontaneity, passion, ease, and delight. Because I have made pleasure my life’s pursuit, I am blessed with a charming confidence that you will surely notice upon meeting me. I pride myself on being an expert in my own desire and a catalyst for peeling back the layers of yours. My nurturing dominance lends itself to your devotion and I have no doubt you will discover life looks a lot better beneath my heel or buried in my chest.

Mistrix Sade: Experienced Otherworldly Domme

I am a sophisticated Alpha Femme based in New York City with a penchant for sadism, subversion, psychology, and undermining taboos.
As a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix, I am constantly learning, studying, and developing my arsenal. I have been a Professional Domina for over 11 years and am perpetually refining my approach, deepening my relationship to FemDom, and honing in on my specialties.

Dakota Lane: Girl Next Door

your transgender girl next door!
I’ve lived in Manhattan for a few years now, but I’m originally from the suburbs in Texas. I love trying new brunch spots with my girlfriends and going out to see shows on the weekend. It’s been a dream of mine to live in the city ever since college, and now that I’m here, I’m always looking for new friends to help me explore.

Sabina Magic: Spicy with a Heart of Gold

Hi there, I’m Sabina your spicy playmate with a gentle soul.
I’m an enigmatic creative with a vivacious personality and clever intuitive eye. I’m an all natural bombshell with a down to earth demeanor that will leave you yearning for more. Raised in California, Mexico and the Pacific Northwest- I honed my creativity and sharp wit in New York City where I’ve called home for the last 6 years.

Serena Sahir: Angelic Arab & Indian Princess

Indulge in the realm of unbridled desire, where every glance ignites a spark and every word dances with intrigue.
Behold, a mesmerizing vision—my ethereal presence, standing at a petite 5'3"" and a tantalizing 100 pounds, weaving together the seductive allure of Arabic and Indian descent, ensconced in the pulsating heart of New York City.

Shanice Luv: Queen of Belize #nerd

mistress/fem dom, professional girl friend, travel buddy, and elite companion.
I tour world wide, i am so excited to experience new things with new people. i'm sexy,ultra affectionate and extremely passionate. Your pleasure and desires are my only concern. It's a must that you feel at ease and i promise you our time is never rushed or wasted! When your with me i promise no outside distractions... just you and me and your needs. I consider what i do an art form and a sensual calling, lets make memories that will leave your spine tingling and wanting more.

Your Girl Lexie: Confidence is beautiful

Perpetually inquisitive and with an insatiable lust for life I consider myself to be a life long student currently dedicated to learning… the art of seduction.
Let’s just say, I am very open minded and creative. I am certainly passionate in my pursuit of life’s pleasures. Whether that be pleasure in exploring new places, pleasure in discovering new people or the ultimate in pleasure… between the sheets.

Jade York: NYC’s Elite Private Model

for the Discerning Gentleman Who Knows What He Wants
I have been told by quite a few people that I look very sweet an innocent. I may be sweet but the last thing I am is innocent. I am very open minded and willing to try almost anything once. I love traveling, fine dining, shopping, and most importantly learning more about what life has to offer.

Nadia Trap: 22 Year Old Pakistani Punjabi College Trans Girl

born and raised in New York City
Follow me on social media (I'm most active on IG and Twitter) and subscribe to my OnlyFans

Ava Alazar: Elite Escort & Sugar Baby

Just as yourself, I presume... I have a fondness for stolen kisses, listening ears, lingering eyes, and the tenderest of caresses...

Ava Miu: Hello I’m Ava!

Indulge me. Sense me. Let me breath life into you. Share your hidden desires or simply relax with me. I am an immeasurable gift you give to yourself - a glimmer of magic, a kiss of youthfulness, a divine feminine.
By day I work as a visual artist and am lucky enough to exhibit and tour internationally. My collage and video art deal in erotic imagery with a vibrant contemporary aesthetic. I was educated at an elite liberal arts college, where I earned my degree in philosophy and political science. I am worldly and well-traveled. My passions lie in meeting new people, good food, nature, film, and music. Grounded in the philosophy that intimacy is a vital source of healing, I provide experiences of deeply sensual affection and attentive companionship. Delighted for both vanilla to kinky encounters, I am available for companionship on a selective basis, with preference given to returning clients, thorough inquiries, and longer dates. I am also available for travel, duos with one of my gorgeous friends, or as a unicorn.

Leah Hudson: Your classic lady with a twist…

A one-of-a-kind woman…
Sensual, worldly, in love with life. Sexiness that comes with maturity. I’m a purveyor of that elusive quality I call authentic chemistry, with no drama and strings attached. I like to spend my time with men who not just appreciate having a good time, but also seek out engaging and intelligent conversations with a mature lady. I am experienced in many ways, but always open to learning new things.

Alexis James: Indulge Yourself

A tattooed (currently blonde) vixen looking for adventure
I love fine art and French cuisine. In my spare time I like watching arthouse and cult classic cinema, taking photographs (ask to see my portfolio, I’m very proud of it) and of course trying new restaurants. Take me to a museum and let’s cheers with all the best wines.

Aiva Greene: Aiva Greene

I am glad I've caught your eye!
I am a woman that loves men, wants to please men, and more importantly understands how men wish to be pleased! I share your passion and understand your needs: You work hard and deserve to indulge yourself in the company of a beautiful woman who can EXCEED your desires. Let me help you escape from the mundane everyday routine of emails and meetings. When you’re with me, be prepared to be relaxed, comfortable and clear minded. I am already looking forward to the unforgettable memories and laughs we’ll be sharing. I always come dressed classy yet sexy, making me the perfect companion for any occasion. I am thrilled to meet new friends and make lasting connections.

Dana Diaz: Please feel free to contact me with serious inquiries only.

East Coast based esthetician student. I enjoy equally being a connoisseur of my passions as well as sparking my curiosity with new possibilities.

Brooke Nichols: All-American Bon Vivant

Champagne Bubble About Town
Hi! Brooke Nichols here, elite Los Angeles escort, warmly inviting you to take a seat right next to me. While I can't wait to get to know more about you, let me take the time to introduce myself. I like my martinis dry, my atmosphere luxurious, and my laughs from the belly.

Chloe Nova: NYC | Dominatrix | Artist | Companion

Artist ⟐ Ailurophile ⟐ Alchemist ⟐ Leather Fetishist ⟐ Domination ⟐ Deviance | NYC | New Haven | Philly
Even from my earliest days I’ve been half-feral. A wild-child. With an unquenchable lust for novelty, always living life balancing on the cliff’s edge. This curiosity sparked my decision to hitchhike across the world, collecting friends and lovers, memories and near misses - Always in search of a Grand Adventure.

Daphne Mori: I’m Daphne and it’s a pleasure to meet you.

I’d be delighted to be your newest indulgence and confidant.
I’d be delighted to be your newest indulgence and confidant. I possessed everything required to master the conventional way of life growing up, but I’ve always been drawn to the unusual, the off-the-beaten path. I guess it’s no surprise that I’ve chosen to be a companion at this stage of my life. I consider myself a devotee of whatever awakens the senses and the mind. Sumptuous, luxurious meals that delight the palate. Traveling to new cities and getting caught up in wanderlust. Deepening my understanding of the world. Getting to know someone — their backstory, their viewpoints, their preferences — and creating a long-lasting connection with them.
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