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Cici L'Amour: Elite stimulating companion

This is a space I have created for you and I to share.  It was created with joy and love by me for you.  In it, I will reveal my thoughts, inspirations and passions. It is my intention to keep you coming back for more and more. Hopefully, I wish you do but, truthfully, I am certain you will.  Consider this place as one of unconditional sharing, intimate discovery, reflection and participation.  Consider this our happy place, if you will.

Kurumi Gray: Hi, I'm Kurumi.

I'm your Eurasian dream girl based in the Windy City. I'm a sweet, sultry girl with an inquisitive spirit and an unabashed geeky side. ​
Fair skinned and curvaceous, I stand at 5'5" with a natural DD bust, 26 inch waist, and curvaceous hips. I'm a mix of Japanese, Swedish and Russian, and spent over half my life living internationally. I have a timeless Japanese look with hints of European features that highlight my unique beauty. My face is innocent and sweet, a stark contrast from my provocative, full figured body. My almond shaped eyes are inviting yet mysterious, my lips are delicate and pouty, my hair is thick and voluminous. I have a sweet, yet striking look that's sure to charm and captivate you.

Émile James: Émile James

Welcome, I’m Émile…
I grew up a geeky, bookish tomboy in a sleepy New England town —but you wouldn’t guess it from looking at me now. I (very) slowly learned to overcome my intense shyness. Embracing my femininity led to it becoming deeply important to me and a genuine source of confidence. Present-day, I love feeling delicate, precious, cherished. Give me a great pair of heels, and I can take on anything. Although that grounded, mischievous, tomboy who’s not afraid to get dirty is very much still a part of me

Mara Blake: Welcome to the experience of us

It is an experience like no other, because you and I are two people like no other
When we take our time, we can create any experience we want. We may have a torrid affair. We might also build a lasting connection we’ll get to enjoy, again and again, for years to come. As your partner in this experience, I have a boundless curiosity about you. What makes you feel alive. What you want to explore. Where and how you want to grow.

Kandie: Kandie Sweetbits

Poise, discretion, beauty, brains and a sense of humor to boot…ohhhh and boobs.. I mean big ones like “wow” huge …lol Sweetbits Consulting Services: Offering the most valuable commodity, “Time.”
Welcome to Kandieland where my, “sweet bits” are available to thrill and amaze you. Let me dazzle you with my beauty as you view my buxom body. Allow yourself a treat to entrance your senses and delight your mind. Relax with me, let go of your stress and your built up tension with my skills. Because… well like so many others in various areas of life I’ve developed a bit of a talent. I have a very particular set of skills. These skills I have acquired over a very long time. Skills that make me addictive and if you are not careful, I just might steal your heart. If you choose to continue reading you must be 18 or older to view this site. I cater to those with a friendly heart and a respectful touch. In our lives, time is limited and should be treasured. We both have a finite amount of time in each day. I choose to spend my time with respectful friends. It would be a shame to miss socializing with me and I would love to interact with you. In reality you know if I am the right choice for you, and I hope I am. If you are unsure please check out my many reviews, twitter and the rest of this site to assist with your decision. You deserve the best and I offer only the best use of your time…with me.

Syd: God Syd

Jewish Financial Dominatrix, $55+ to speak
Everything is about Me now.

Adriana Monet: Adriana Monet

Mature & adventurous minds proceed (18+)
Well, hello there lover. We meet again. Or perhaps, we are yet to have the pleasure? Whatever the case, what a time to a time to be alive. Either by chance or with intent, we are both right where we need to be. You are here. Searching, seeking.. not sure on what to expect - but excited at the prospect that you have entered a realm of infinite possibilities...

Ahvani: petite playmate

I am not a woman who can be summed up in a few paragraphs, although I will do my best here.
My story began many years ago when I decided that I wanted a life less "ordinary". Longing for adventure and feeling stifled by convention, I sought a more sensual and exciting path. Extraordinary girls should have extraordinary lives... so I became an elite companion, who enjoys traveling the world and meeting refined gentlemen.

Alyssa Day: International Playgirl

Meets Girl Next Door
My name is Alyssa Day—AD for short. I am your All-American, Girl Next Door. Welcome to my world! Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about me. I cannot wait to meet and learn more about you!

Anita Love: Well Reviewed Independent Mature Date

Mature cuddler, passionate romantic, dominant, kinky, writer, blogger
Many of you know me as either "Wild Anita" or "Mistress Anita". I wear many hats and have a quite varied business. I am that passionate mature girlfriend that you love making out with. You want that hot cougar that looks like the woman next store? I have an air of innocence with hot smoldering passion underneath.
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