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Domina Mimiko Mori: Elite NYC Powerhouse Sadista

I am strict. I am no nonsense.
I am the superior “sexual sadist” Asian American Woman predator. I hunt for total control over the willing and submissive. The 10+ years of lifestyle and non•stop professional reign over a vast amount of surrendered playthings. Beware, I am an advanced top player. I am the real deal classic Domina.

Mistress Elena Dominatrix: Classic Lisbon Dominatrix

Best equipped Dungeon in Lisbon area with several rooms!
I am a classic professional dominatrix based in Lisbon, Portugal. I was trained & certified by the best LA pro domme (Mistress Damiana Chi) I am a REAL DOMINATRIX! I am not fetish escort, I do not have sex with clients, do not make sessions nude or in lingerie, and I do not allow naked body worship. Sex is happening in your mind, and I know how to capture it and bring you into a real submissive mode!
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