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Mistress Ulla Burns: Mistress of ambiance and allure

Let Me into your mind and bring you away from your everyday comfort zone and welcome you into the world of Dominance and submission
Specializing in Sensual Domination, Tantra Tie & Tease, Tantric BDSM, Cross Dressing, where I particularly enjoy adding elements of well-constructed role play scenes with a taste of spontaneity; I am able to entice and captivate you. Enthralling all your senses will leave you desiring more.

Mistress Shane: Beautiful, stylish, confident and intelligent

"I am a beautiful, stylish, confident and intelligent Lady with many years of experience as a Dominatrix. During My childhood in New York, I was fascinated by fetish wear, and discovered My Dominance as a teenager. I started as a professional Mistress in New York where I was highly involved in the scene."

Mistress Rozz: Dominatrix Accepting Submissives In Los Angeles And New York City

Contact me and cower in front of a 6 foot tall, latex clad, magnificent mistress.
I am Mistress Rozz and I tend the gateway of an amazing experience you are on the threshold of. If you're reading this, you probably have submissive tenancies and fantasies. If you are a submissive; no matter your experience level there are things that you need training in. There is no one-size-fits-all perfect sub.

Mistress Hex: In the realm of Mistress Hex

Discover the captivating dominance of Mistress Hex, the premier sadistic mistress of NYC.
Surrender to her spellbinding allure and experience the true art of domination. Respect is paid on your knees as you become entranced by her commanding presence. With Mistress Hex, total submission is a transformative experience. Witness her undeniable power as your eyes reflect unwavering obedience, and feel the exhilaration as you beg, whimper, and plead for more. Her enchanting presence will leave you spellbound.

Miss Sierra Fox: Sensual, Teasing, & Sadistic

you can call me Goddess, Mistress, or Miss Fox.
I'm a professional dominatrix located in New York's Hudson Valley. I am petite with soft, pillowy curves that will make you sink to your knees.

Goddess Anesthesia: Goddess Anesthesia

A bit about myself
I’m an instinctual & artful Domina, queer feminist, and a certified & practicing clinical hypnotherapist. I'm currently based in New York's Hudson Valley, though I frequent the NYC Buroughs. I have devoted My life to ritualistic, spiritual, and psycho-therapuetic practices to unlock the depths of the subconscious. I find that transcending one's perceived physical and mental limitations to reach a deeper sense of possibility in oneself is unspeakably powerful, re-orienting, and healing. I will reveal yourself to you and hold a safe, sane space for you to discover what that means.

Mistress Fae: Your dominant date

Let yourself go... I'll take the lead.
I've always been drawn towards unconventional pursuits, the spark of new connections, and an unapologetic indulgence in hedonistic desires. Much like you, I crave experiences that transcend the norm. And for a select few, I offer a taste of the most coveted experience of all... a date with a dominant woman.

Domina Stephanie: Sexy Sadist Domme

I am a professional Dominatrix located in New York City.
"I am a professional Dominatrix located in New York City. Standing at 5’1with the perfect round bubble butt & a perky set of D cups, I invite you to my non- judgment free-zone playroom. Here, you are allow to be your true authentic self & explore things you’ve been fantasizing about. I’m strict & tough but yet very soft & sensual . Let’s have fun .

Mistress Marley: Sensual Sadistic Domme

Mistress of Persuasion. Owner of your Wallet. A fantasy come true.
I am the most Supreme Pro Domme you will ever come across. When you hear the name “Mistress Marley” you already know what’s to come. I am a Femdomme, kink educator, SW activist, play party curator and an overall entrepreneur in the art of seduction.

Mistress Vicki Thi: NYC Professional Domina

The Goblin Queen〡 Capably Violent
“The first time…I was a little unsure of the feeling, but by the end of the session I was begging her to do it again. I could see myself descending far into sub space when under Mistress Vicki’s control.” “Excellent. Super professional. You have a great attitude and personality. I’m sure you will prosper in this profession.” “Most of all, I admire her ability to improvise and think quickly on her feet… Mistress Vicki fulfilled one of my all time fantasies with her smoking session.”

Viktoria Sway: Deviants And The Brave. Psychological, Sexual And Physical Torment.

Are you ready for a life-changing journey into realms of enlightenment that can revolutionize your spiritual growth and emotional healing? Tantra is an ancient Eastern practice that encourages introspection, connection, transformation, and freedom from social conditioning. It is a powerful tool to reconnect with yourself to experience incredible psychological, physical, and spiritual benefits. FemDom New York schedule Melissa_Joy_Photo_Viktoria_Sway_ (49 of 71) Previous Next BDSM DUNGEON IN NYC FEMDOM NEW YORK Tantra encourages introspection, connection, transformation, and freedom from social conditioning. It is a powerful tool to reconnect with yourself to experience incredible psychological, physical, and spiritual benefits. Tantra is vital for self-improvement as well as well facilitating deepen connections with others too! Chose Tantra on it’s own or chose to heighten your BDSM D/s power exchange by incorporating Tantra.

Ms Luna: New York Japanese Mistress

Devote yourself to the one and only Japanese Dominatrix
I am a Capricorn born in the snow, under the name of the white sun. I rule My world with the power of the moon that has gifted into my life. I absorb your energy by giving pain and numbing your misery. You may call Me Ms. Luna. You may address Me as Mistress Luna on your knees. My sensual voice will penetrate your inner self and soon. You will think only of Me. Through obedience, you will become a subject of My desire which is where you will find peace and happiness. You are a prisoner of your own ego.

Vanessa Vice: Relax. I'm in control now.

I am a British NYC-based professional dominatrix and life coach with over four years of experience in the world of BDSM.
Classically trained and mentored by some of New York's most respected Dominas, I live and breathe kink and have ardently learned the rules, in order to break them.

Mistress Lila: Sexy BBW with 40H Breast 5

I Don't see multiple clients - all clients must speak to me before scheduled appointment.
I offer multiple services.. From a Dominatrix to your ultimate companion. Don't take my word for it google my number and read my reviews. I don't like to see multiple clients I am very selective. I demand respect and class. I will not entertain anyone who will disrespect me or who are drunk or on drugs

Mistress Reena: Punish the Patriarchy

Indigenous Sensuous Sadist in NYC Decolonize | Degrade | Dominate The time for reparations is now.
I am here to destroy your body & mind, in the best way possible. I take joy in bringing my subs to new planes of existence. I may make your vision dark, but there will always be a light at the end: me

Mistress Dahlia: Curves to Die For

NYC's favorite pro switch
A deadly vixen skilled in the power of hypnotizing you with my killer rocker attitude, sarcastic wit, and creativity for fucking miles. The second you lay eyes on me you’re trapped in my web, and let me tell you boy am I ready to devour. Now that you’ve entered my dark magical world there’s no going back, I am the demoness of your dreams sent especially to snatch your soul and have you living out your deepest sins without remorse. Once you have a session with me you’ll be following my killer curves to hell and back and loving every minute of it.

Mistress Pomf: NYC Dominatrix...

A voice like velvet that soothes, titillates, and claws into you.
Dream for a minute… My divine features. A voice like velvet that soothes, titillates, and claws into you. A mind trained in the art of domination. I will leave you floating in the ecstasy of submission…

Mistress Lapointe: COME PLAY WITH ME

Professional rope artist and disciplinarian based in NYC.
For the last few years, I have been perfecting my preferred means of play, impact and rope, all over NYC at events, parties and in private sessions. I hold a strong belief that there is always more to learn and am consistently improving my skills through classes and skill shares.

Mistress Amalia Valentine: Sadistic, Italian Beauty

As a classic, curvy Italian beauty, my pretty face often deceives the depravity and perversion that runs through my mind.
My favorite pastime includes daydreaming of creative and playful ways to tease, deny, and torture my prey. I rule with an iron fist in a velvet glove; I enjoy using my charm and warmth to draw someone in until it’s too late and they’re hopelessly wrapped around my finger for me to use as I see fit…

Mistress Sato: Oriental Succubus Goddess San

How do you endure all the pain and suffering of the world?
NYC Professional Domme, official best peg/ger in the city, bondage teacher, farmer ;) , enthusiast for all body shapes, gender, and age.. I’ll give you the best beating/strap you’ve ever had in your life if you let me.

Mistress Ally: Books open!!

Reading is power so read my ad for details on how to set up a session with me.
I'm a passionate Latina pro-domme hosting experiences in kink and BDSM in Brooklyn. I'm as sweet as candy and as hot as fire. My domination style is primarily gentle and nurturing, but watch out! I may be pretty and petite, but I can make you whimper, yelp, and scream in a mixture of pain, delight, and pleasure that is uniquely Alice.

NYC Mistress Devi: Fetish Fantasy & Punishment

A naturally dominant and classically trained force to be reckoned with
You will marvel at the juxtapositions of my nature and the depth of my femininity. I am a true switch. Now that I have your attention, gaze into my dark enchanting eyes.

Isabella Cummings: Body rub, GFE , Bdsm,

Curvy and exotic Mistress
I am sweet, friendly, classy, and genuine! I am more than just the girl next door, fully functional, 9’ at erection, double D breast, 32-inch waist. I am sensual, sophisticated, passionate and open minded. I'll certainly tempt you with my naughty side. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience with great company, you will truly appreciate meeting me. Come explore a whole new Horizon, Full of explosive pleasure, let's go as far as your fantasies can guide you.

Mistress Chloe Snow: Sensual Dominatrix

I love to tantalize, intoxicate, tease and torment.
As a Domme, I am intuitive and can easily create a uniquely curated experience from a safe and healthy mind-space to fulfill each kinky urge. I know you have a secret fantasy. Whether it be something softer or a little more severe. I meet you where you are depending on your desires, needs and level of experience.

Mistress Una: Asian Amazon

I am a tall and statuesque lifestyle domina with exotic features, fair skin, and unconventional thinking.
Originally from Europe, with a highly educated, worldly, and open-minded point of view combined with high principles, refinement, and manners.
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