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Elust 171 Puppy Play, Precipices and Platinum Showers.

17 March 2024
by theoz
Elust 171 Sydney Screams

Elust 171's cup runneth over, like Sydney Screams ' bathtub in the enticing cover image, with sex toys and sexiness spilling out in all directions.

Amazing Calvin and Hobbes tattoo too.

I vaguely remembered Calvin saying something profound in the original cartoon. This is that =

Sex Work

The Silky Masseuse A Provider’s Guide To Dealing With Time Wasters Pt. 1

The bane of every sex worker's existence. The time wasters.

Fox Digital How To Use Twitter: A Strategic Guide for Sex Workers

I'd like to say I have a love hate relationship with twitter but to be honest, I have no love for Twitter at all and can't even be bothered hating it any more after all the shadowbanning. Best I can do is barely tolerate Twitter to the extent of maintaining the kind of presence on there that's expected of a SW.

Sandra Vitamin S

Sandra, TS Ama and Mistress Volga get silky.

Oz Bigdownunder A Trio with Mistress Chatterley and TS Ama

Ama again! She's everywhere. This time with Oz and Mistress Chatterley.

Sex Worker Search Twitter (X) Shadowbans

I don't see why Twitter can't just have an NSFW on, NSFW off button and then advertisers can decide whether they want their ads to appear next to NSFW content or not. As opposed to rewarding SWs for all our hard work providing free content, without which Twitter would die, with sneaky backstabby shadowbans.

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Funzze What's the BEST Material for Adult Toys?

Silicone is a personal favourite but I just recently received a stainless steel anal dildo from Funzze to review. I love it. Review coming soon.

Musings of a Switch The Early Days

William Wallace reminisces.

Buzzvibes Open Relationships: Understanding the Landscape of Modern Love

Erotic Non Fiction

Kristina J The Edge of Anticipation and Desire: A Journey into Sensual Surrender

It's as if time itself has slowed down, each second stretched to its limits as we linger on the precipice of pleasure, suspended in the delicious agony of anticipation.

Beyond Non-Binary Period Sex and Sleeping with the Divine Feminine

And puppy gets a leash and collar.

Erotic Fiction

Jasmine Gold The Unicorn

The mythical beast with three backs.

Jerusalem Mortimer Bedroom Eyes 33

+1 the Chemical Brothers.

FYHO The Polaroid

It's a Kodak moment

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

barefoot sub Bend Me, Break Me (Please)

Beautiful pic and post. Shirley Manson would approve.

Body Talk and Sexual Health

Charlie and Margeaux On Squirting

Wet and wild. Never heard it called a platinum shower before. That's awesome.

Product Reviews

Sydney Screams Blush Wellness Eternal Wand Review

An ergonomic wand for people with accessibility needs.

Princess Previews Odyssey Toys Coffin Grinder

Love the colours and design. Gigeresque.

Sex Toy DB Hankey’s Toys: Davy’s Tendrils Dildo

That's a tentacular tentacle. My tentacle dildo is more of the squishy variety so a more rigid one would come in handy.

Books and Movies

History of BDSM Peter and TammyJo review S&M Sally (2015)

Even if you've never seen the movie and have no intention of seeing it, I still recommend watching this video review just to hear two highly experienced and knowledgeable kink historians chatting.