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Madame V The Femdom: Your Obedience IS Sacrifice.

As lover of Latex and Leather, Madame V is a sadistic Dominatrix who enjoys destroying men's egos in Her sessions.
As lover of Latex and Leather, Madame V is a sadistic Dominatrix who enjoys destroying men's egos in Her sessions. Medical Fetish, Bondage & Corporate Punishment are various types of fetishes that Madame V enjoys. Subs are required to e-mail Madame V to session with Her. Madame V sessions out of a discreet play-space located in New York City. Madame V is NOT available for thirty-minute sessions. Do not request cuckolding, breast worship, body worship or nudity.

Mistress Diamond Blu: Let the adventures begin…

I am a mature divinely feminine Sensual Shamanatrix
A facilitator of forbidden fantasies, the oracle who gazes deep into your very being; I bring profound, exhilarating experiences to those who dare to follow me deep into the jungle of their most primitive and darkest desires.

Mistress Micha Malvada: Evil Goth Bitch

Seductress, Sadist, Fetishist, Luxury Evil
Does your heart race at the thought of being controlled? Are you ready to give in to your most devious desires? Send an introduction through email or My booking form, let Me inspire you to dive deeper into your debauchery. Session Interests: I enjoy all of the listed activities but I have a particular affinity for scenes involving blasphemy, rough body play, worship, power exchange, and heavy bondage.


Luxury: an indulgence in something that provides pleasure, satisfaction, or ease.
Domination: supremacy or pre-eminence over another; exercise of mastery or ruling power. Whether you are a discerning novice or an experienced player my style of Domination will satisfy all your kinky needs.

FeFe Fines: Catering To The Lifestyles

Indulging in Domination, Fetishes, Fantasy, Role play Sensual soft or Hardcore,
As well the best Companionship you can find in NYC. Tell me how you like it Naughty or Nice. We can incorporate a wine and Dine Rendezvous as well. Find out why I’m the finest kept secret in New York City That’s me yes...FeFe Fines. it’s Ms.Fine if you're nasty. Looking forward to having my way with you again..and again"

Mistress Xena: Femdom Fatale

Explore your Fetishes and Fantasies
She is an erotic Dominatrix and an absolute vision of powerful beauty. Her brown, hypnotic eyes mesmerize anyone who gazes into them. Her body is a gorgeous hour glass figure.

Mistress Blake: quick wit and sharp humor

At first, I'll make you laugh, but before you know it you'll feel tears rolling down your face from the ultimate catharsis that lives nowhere else but in the art of submission.
My submissives love me for my advanced and effective communication skills, the hypnotic and sensual sound of my voice, my quick wit and sharp humor, my warmth and consideration, and my ability to lodge myself into your mind 24/7.

Ms. Elena DeLuca: NYC-based Dominant & Producer

Dominant, Producer, Fetish Film Star and Educator
I am an independent, Professional Dominatrix living in New York City. I’m also a Producer, Fetish Film Star and Kink Educator.

Mistress Veth: Connoisseur Of Unique Experiences

I don't want to be the other half of your soul. I want to be the one who reminds you that you're already whole
With a pre-medicine bachelor's degree and a day career as an executive assistant, I've mastered the art of crafting extraordinary encounters.

Mistress Eve: Curvy & Cruel Sensualist

With gorgeous curves and a penchant for sadism, I'll drive you to your limits while I punish and pleasure you.
I am playful and creative, with years of experience in the nuances of BDSM. I can be sensual and soft, or terrifying and cruel. Each session is tailored beforehand to help bring your fantasies to life. My expectations are high and my approval is hard to earn.

Victoria Silver: I practice femdom in my personal life

relationships with both submissives and romantic partners.
my name is Victoria Silver. I am 25, based in New York City, and I am a lifestyle dominatrix: this means I practice femdom in my personal life and relationships with both submissives and romantic partners. Most of my kinks (and I’m sure, yours) can’t be practiced through a screen. Due to this, online, I primarily practice financial domination, share photo and video content of myself and my submissives, and create and sell clips.

The Goddess Mistress Octavia Taylor: Sensual Role Play Specialist

With the face of an Angel, but the cruel cold calculating heart of a Dominatrix, I will wield whips and chains to bring true connoisseurs of BDSM to their knees!!!
Well versed in all aspects of Domination, including FINANCIAL DOMINATION, I'm a role play specialist extraordinaire able to act out your most unique and private fantasies. You will find Me to be classy, elegant and extremely feminine, however, I am very particular about whom I see. I recognize everyone needs different scenes and even though I am able to provide extreme scenarios, I welcome those who need a more delicate scenario.

Empress Wu: New York City Dominatrix + BDSM Professional

Psychosexual predator ISO sacrificial lambs
Favorite types of sessions are psychological scenes that explore bodily exchange and/or promote bodily awareness and presence, such as bloodplay, breathplay and suffocation, fluid exchange (spitting and watersports), vore, transformation

Mistress Alexxxia: Sensual Sadistic Gothic Beauty

Decadent curves. A twisted, playful mind. Razor-sharp intelligence.
An addicting voice. Wrapped up in black lace and a giggle to dizzy you with fear and need all in one. I'm an independent Dominatrix in Brooklyn with seven years professional experience in all matters tantalizing and twisted.

Mistress Rose Fatale: Can you handle the heat?

Enter the ultimate sensual yet sadistic feminine Dominant experience.
I will take you on an utterly debauched hedonistic adventure, led by my passion for self expression. My natural red locks, long legs, soft porcelain skin and piercing hazel eyes are not for the faint of heart.

Jolene Heart: Pro-Fetishist

Let’s see just how deep we can go together... I'm into it
Just call me Jo! I grew up in the south but moved to New York almost 10 years ago. I've had some amazing times! There are so many observations to make in the city.

Mistress Natasya von Wölfe: Cruel woman. Spiritual muse

Pheromone-laden Goddess. Hairy, natural siren.
I am a consummate hedonist and an effortless conjurer of desire. I relish the opportunity to explore the rich possibilities offered by the engagement of passionate spirits: the interplay of pleasures and pains we can offer each other. When sensation is thoroughly explored and passion is cultivated to a fevered pitch,

Stormi Sloane: Sensual FemDomme

C-suite companion | Milking massage specialist
Much like Westchester, I am well appointed and manicured to the nines, with a flair of cultured sophistication. My personality is laid back, mysterious, yet spiritually grounded with a dash of New York City wit.

Datura Inoxia: MKULTRA Hypnosis & Kinky GFE

Datura has 8 years experience as a professional Dominatrix and Cybernetician.
I am able to tear down all assumptions of how dominance can manifest, and is always seeking new ways to safely control my puppets.

Sybil Fury: Brilliantly Cruel Domination

Are you ready to encounter the secrets of your psyche and indulge in forbidden pleasures?
I am equal parts Seductress, Humiliatrix, and Mistress - a devastating trifecta for any submissive. Elegant, brilliant, and cruel, I delight in breaking down those who prove themselves worthy.

Goddess Chanel: Supreme Sadistic Seductress

Welcome to your new rightful place, under Goddess Chanels heavenly feet.
A devious, Goddess with a passion for ruining lives. One minute with her will transcend your mind and forever change how you view yourself. Approach Her with all you have to offer and prepare to surrender your mind, body and soul. Let go of everything you thought you knew before and submit to the all-powerful Femme Fatale. Allow Her to fill your head with an ecstasy no other can provide. Her juicy lips and seductive eyes will coax you in and imprison you forever.

Willow Noir: My natural style is playful

NYC Giggle Domme // Spirited Sadist - Conjurer of Chaos - Foot Princess
Although I characterize myself as a mischevious mistress, I am also a goddess worthy of your complete and total devotion. Show me how much you worship the ground I walk on. Kneel beneath me, where you belong, and I may just grant you the honor of caressing my lovely slender feet or running your hands along my glossy latex.

Miss Stevie: The Petite, Princess Dom of NY

Discover the ultimate fusion of sensuality, playfulness, and mischievous madness of NYC’s sweetest Dominatrix
She effortlessly switches from innocent whispers to bold demands as she does your makeup and teaches you the ways of the divine feminine. Her language is both playful and commanding, enticing her submissives with teasing words and enchanting promises.

Salem Succubus: Leather Goddess

I am your Leather Goddess
Why don’t you take a break from making decisions and let me make them for you? Surrender yourself to me, I will be the arbiter of your pleasure and guide you through the void of your desire.

Madam Electra: Your SECRET is MY Business!!!

Be specific of what you are seeking.
I am a skilled Dominatrix. If you are seeking something other than fetish fulfilment then please contact one of the beautiful escorts on this site so that we do not waste each others time. Thank you.
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