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Worship Loren: GOD on earth with a strap on

the Femme Fatale of your dreams and fears.
I specialise in the thrill of sensually dominating my play things. I love watching you grovel and beg for my attention. I am a superior woman of power and when you see me in person you will understand fully what I mean; you just can't help but to submit when you see me.

Rev. Rucifer: Goddess of Pleasure

Welcome to a world where pleasure reigns supreme.
your erotic energy worker and sacred priestess of pleasure. Feel the stir of longing in your soul, that yearning for genuine love and connection? Together, let's peel back the layers of your desires and revel in the sweet dance of pleasure and connection.

Goddess Viktoria Sway: Tantra and BDSM

6ft Goddess of Torment: Sexual, Psychological, and Physical.
Freedom lies in knowing and accepting yourself, both your virtues and your shadows. Society’s expectations weigh heavily upon us. Shed shame & compulsions. Explore in a hot sexually charged BDSM/Fetish environment and get comfortable expressing your authentic desires.

Violet The Impaler: Your final destination.

You're caught in the web already- I know it. Game over for you.
I'm Violet, a maddening meld of poised elegance, smoldering wrath and impish torment, bringing you to your knees without so much as breaking a sweat. A natural dominant from early on, a slinky sadist and a compelling wordsmith- surrender will come as easy as breathing.

Lady Kat: Inquire about my screening

You do not choose your need of BDSM or type of kink or fetish, they choose you.
But there is always room to explore more also! For in person session at a fully furnished dungeon read on! All contact is for 21 years of age and older. This is an adult site and to continue communication you understand and agree! READ my ENTIRE listing, and when contacting see required information to send in a text or email.

Monday Jones: Shamanatrix Ms. Monday Jones

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.
I provide a safe environment free of judgement to explore cuddles, intimate bodywork, Reiki energy work, sexology techniques, plant medicine consumption, tantric healing, companionship, Female led BDSM, Kink/Fetish/Taboo/Fantasy, holistic hip & pelvic care, private counsel, psychic empathy, and somatic therapy.

Your Highness Siren: Soft, Sweet & SADISTIC

Born & raised in the Bay Area. I’ve been based in NYC for about 5 years now.
In the Bay Area I was a dog walker & decided to take the very normal pipeline to Pro Domme *wink wink* Here I discovered a passion that was with me all my life but only came to light in the big apple.

Miss Lulu: Playful & seductive domination

Ardent lover of desire & depravity.
The girl next door does think about you… how you’d look underfoot, over her knee, or tied up at her mercy. You’ve been fantasizing about this long enough. Face the facts: you want Me.

Phoenix Fatale: Domination Done Differently

Come as you are, with humility and reverence and I’ll lead you into sensual perversion.
I am named after the Greek immortal bird that cyclically regenerates to be born again from the ashes, each time better than before. This is my philosophy on life, to never settle, and always strive to be the best version of myself. It also doesn’t hurt that the great Phoenix is always depicted as a fiery bird, and I’m a natural, fiery redhead Dominant.

Roxanne Waters: professional dominatrix nyc

I'm very active on social media, and you can keep up with me following the links listed at

Baroness Essex: Ownership is everything

The Baroness Essex. Female Supremacist, lifestyle Dominatrix and purveyor of all things Fetish.
She is a living paradox. A lady of serenity and benevolence, yet capable of indescribable acts of sadism depending on her mood. She stands well over 6' in heels. An imposing Goddess of unquestionable skill with over fifteen years as a lifestyle Dominatrix.

Evelyn Chen: Goddess Evelyn Chen

Asian Femdom Dominatrix and Kinky Companion based in NYC, Brooklyn, and beyond
What was it that caught your attention? Was it my long legs, accentuated by red bottomed stilettos? Or the way my raven hair frames my immaculate figure? Maybe the plushness of my ruby lips, or my extensive fetish and lingerie wardrobe. Perhaps you crave nothing more than to be allowed to feel the softness of my ample, natural curves. I am the whole package, so luckily, you don't need to pick. I am your fantasy come to life.

Harper Chase: Lady Harper Chase

An elegant, charming, and deviant Dominatrix.
When you step into her world you have surrendered yourself to be challenged, exposed, and ravaged at her whim. Charmed by her warm smile and tempting gaze, you have become the perfect victim. Her tender embraces build trust while her humiliating words shatter your ego. Her endearing laughter is as powerful as her cold, condemning stares. She wants to destroy you, and you will never have wanted something more.

Alix Lace: Owning Your Every Breath...

Pro Dominatrix | She/They | Sweet sicko & insatiable pervert
Commanding your body. Heightening your senses. Coercing your mind. Controlling your holes. Those lucky enough to serve will be teased by my sensual curves and busty figure while I work quickly to fully immobilize you, all while whispering in your ear that I love watching you struggle. My sweet yet evil version of seductive sadism guides you through anticipation and catharsis.

Amalia Valentine: Professional Dominatrix and disgusting queer pervert

Archivist dealing in pleasure, pain, and power
As a child, I was raised in the Roman Catholic church and, as most Catholics are, I was indoctrinated with the idea that sexuality and sexual autonomy were not only shameful, but ultimately sinful. Impure sexual thoughts and actions would culminate in a one-way ticket to Hell. But the rituals, the pageantry, and the figurative (and sometimes literal) self-flagellation endemic to Catholicism fascinated and aroused me. After all, what’s more kinky than getting on your knees and praying to a scantily clad, bloodied man nailed to a cross? In Catholic school, I remember being told by my teacher that touching and exploring your body was a sin in God’s eyes; as a curious child, I couldn’t understand why things that made us feel good could be bad. Catholicism taught me to be ashamed of my body and sexuality.

Pegstress Mira: Peg- Daddy General

Strap- Queen
My kink awakening journey has been brief but My lust for knowledge and experience has driven Me to seek out in-depth education on many BDSM topics. Although often described as having a “Domme Next Door” look to Me, I am anything but sweet. I identify deeply as a sadist, and a bratty Domme. I enjoy sessions where I get to tease, cajole, and taunt My subs. (And then beat the sh*t out of them). I’m not all sadism and torture though…

Doctrix Snow: Let me teach you a lesson.

A compassionate sadist and cruel humanist
I am an intuitive, clever, and well-trained seductress. My warm smile and piercing ocean-gray eyes will have you confessing your darkest secrets before you can stop yourself. I will choose whether to break you with your fears, breathe life into your fantasies, or—if you’re brave—both.

Domina Dia Dynasty: Wholistic Femdom Practitioner

• Agent of Chaos • Shamanatrix • Femme Supremacist
I can sense your yearning to be devoured. I am a sensual pervert with a fetish for making you crave My touch, even if it hurts. I am a creative sadist who enjoys exploring the unusual and complex terrain of all that BDSM has to offer: the depraved urges, the desire to extremes, the fear of not knowing, the seduction of a secret world, the thrill of submitting your body and to being fully used, the agony of a denied release, the catharsis of letting go of control. Our time spent together will be a sublime experience if you are willing to fully submit.

Saturn Veil: NYC Lifestyle Dominatrix

BDSM Practitioner
I became a dominatrix because the pictures i was creating were about my own desire for power. Through my lens i was reclaiming my dominance. Since then, i knew i wanted it to be a part of my everyday life.

Dasha Bond: The first thing people notice is my self confidence.

Proud Ukrainian. International Dominatrix. Pansexual Content Creator. Lover Of Latex & All Things Sharp.
I feel very comfortable in my role as a dominant woman. My approach tends to be quite nurturing yet sadistic. However, my style varies with each relationship and is tailored to each submissive. Being dominant is about assuming responsibilities and control that a submissive is happy to relinquish. A submissive has one crucial power and that is to surrender their autonomy in that dynamic. This is why trust and communication are so important to me and in a D/s dynamic. Leading comes natural to me which is how I make my submissives feel comfortable under my authority.

Goddess Hunter: NYC Pro-Domme

Fetishist, Humiliatrix, & Roleplay Fanatic.
Role-play fanatic, humiliatrix, fetishist, romantic — but above all, I am a dominant. My form of power play is lead by a love of mind control and complete submission through adoration.

Lady Harper Chase: NYC Dominatrix

An elegant, charming, and deviant Dominatrix.
Charmed by her warm smile and tempting gaze, you have become the perfect victim. Her tender embraces build trust while her humiliating words shatter your ego. Her endearing laughter is as powerful as her cold, condemning stares. She wants to destroy you, and you will never have wanted something more.

Miss Monika: Sensual & Curvy Seductress

I offer both vanilla & BDSM/Fetish GFE
a luxurious bbw temptress for discerning gentlemen who enjoy abundant curves, stimulating conversation and sensual pleasure. I'm a switch in my late twenties and mostly spend my time living the lame professional corporate life by day and exploring NYC by night. These avenues allows me to fulfill some fantasies and escape my day to day reality.

Dahlia Damoiselle: Dark Demonic Dream

Accessible Kink, BDSM, and Education sessions for the NYC queer community.
DAHLIA DAMOISELLE de GUERRE (she/they/her celestial unholiness) is a Brooklyn-based trans-femme poetess by day, and dominant demon by night. Her spells summon joy one soul at a time. Three + years on HRT. Discreet service. Client and provider safety and privacy prioritized. Screening required.
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