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Mistress Dahlia: Curves to Die For

NYC's favorite pro switch
A deadly vixen skilled in the power of hypnotizing you with my killer rocker attitude, sarcastic wit, and creativity for fucking miles. The second you lay eyes on me you’re trapped in my web, and let me tell you boy am I ready to devour. Now that you’ve entered my dark magical world there’s no going back, I am the demoness of your dreams sent especially to snatch your soul and have you living out your deepest sins without remorse. Once you have a session with me you’ll be following my killer curves to hell and back and loving every minute of it.

Kiki Cali: Daddy's Girl

Oh hi there Daddy! Its just your babygirl here! hehe
Don’t be surprised if you find me humping my unicorn stuffies! I just love everything PINK and girly and LITTLE! That’s right Daddy I’m a Little. And I’m here to please and show Daddy how much of a good girl I am!..and yess Daddy I will take my spankings if I’m not! Very Kink and Role-play Friendly! I specialize in ddlg or Abdl or Ageplay sessions! I DO NOT offer sexual services on the client outside of the realm of kink and BDSM but only as outcalls. *my abdl nursery is now open! Visit

Pure Lily: London Independent Fetish and Role Play Escort

Soft as Silk, Sweet as Honey & Cinnamon.
I stand at 5’5” with a slim frame and youthful curves. My long brunette hair has hints of auburn and redhead colours and is often tied in braided pigtails accentuating my playful, fresh faced appearance. I’m the perfect, porcelain girl next door, with a very wicked core yet with porn star next door body.

Mistress Danielle Rubber: Professional Asian Dominatrix-

Pain and control is my medium
I am a professional Mistress devoted to the realm of kink, I have been a professional Dominatrix since 2010. I like to facilitate a space that is shame-free, ethical and playful. I take great delight in creating BDSM journeys for a selection of slaves, masochists, submissives, bottoms and fetishists.

Goddess Ashley: Asian Professional Dominatrix

You may address me as Goddess Ashley.
I first stumbled upon BDSM & kink during the earlier days of Collarspace, and later, the underbelly of the internet on Locanto and Craigslist. I initially identified as a submissive and started off my kink journey as a submissive, serving a number of old school and strict dominants.

Mistress Lenora: Chicago's Malevolent Matriarch

I am a Chicago-based and FMTY Professional Domina who has been studying the art of Domination and practicing professionally for around seven years.
The techniques I have honed over this time span from mild to wild, traditional to innovative. My backgrounds in Medicine, Psychology, and Entertainment are all utilized in the varying aspects of My craft. To Me, BDSM is the most transcendental sensual delight a human can experience, and I strive to use these power dynamics to guide My submissives in their own journeys of self-discovery. It is both My pleasure and birthright to revel in breaking your ego, and rebuilding you into a stronger, more empathetic human.

Miss Erin Marie: Domina

With the knowledge from my culinary and psychology degrees
"10 years as a lifestyle slave, 13 years as a professional dominatrix, having taught over 150 classes across 15 different states on bdsm and D/s dynamics, I know Domination and submission. I’ve lived Domination and submission 24/7 since 2010. This is not just my profession this is WHO I AM.

Mistress Zanna: experiences for adults.

Lie at the Giant's feet | Serve Zanna Professional Dominatrix in Bristol
I am your commander and guide. I will take you by the leash through submission, pain and sensory enchantment. I am a professional dominatrix of 7 years, based in Bristol UK, and often travelling to other cities. I session from a fully equipped dungeon chambers at various locations. I am tall, beautiful, playful and daemonic. I am intuitive and cunning with how I push you to your limits and control every sensation. Welcome to Zanna’s dominion where you can learn more about me and how to serve your master.

Dominatrix Ai: Professional deviant

I am an Asian professional dominatrix based in the San Francisco Bay Area
My joyful laughter pierces the air as you brace yourself in anticipation of what I’m about to do to you. Will you be subject to my kindness, my cruelty, or possibly both? The suspense of not knowing puts you on edge, but you ground yourself with the reminder that you sought me out with a purpose: to uncover what you’ve kept hidden underneath and to expose your truth to me so that I can mold you to be the best submissive you can be.

Domina Yuki: Experienced Seductive Femdom

Luxury Asian Dominatrix based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Specializing in bespoke BDSM, fetish and fantasy experiences
… a sensual sadist, incorrigible deviant, consummate tease and natural dominant. Over a decade of exploring BDSM professionally has imbued My presence with grace and confidence. My style of play flows seamlessly between sweet, flirty, playful and nurturing to stern, sadistic and relentless. Responsive submissives delight Me- novices and experienced players alike. I feed off of your desperation for Me, which in turn stimulates My creativity and passion. Surrender to Me to experience your greatest pleasure and most satisfying pain. For those who want to go deep, reveal to Me your darkest desires, fears and frailties. I will take us both on a voyage of mutual exploration and cathartic release.

Domina Katrina: The Sweetest Nightmare

This is your chance to take your proper place beneath a gorgeous black Goddess. I crave chaos, and you do too.
You want to be turned out, and I want to put you in your place, beneath me. What we’ll share is something very special, the taboo. Here you can share your deepest darkest secrets with me, and I will exploit them. I am a curious, professional dominatrix who is eager to try EVERYTHING. Don’t let my soft voice and doll like eyes fool you. I am no novice in bending a submissive to my will, and my 32F breasts will hover over you as I give you your next command. Don’t disappoint me. Some interests include: FTT/Golden, BBC Training, Beta Brainwashing, Trampling, Verbal Humiliation, Cuckholding, Impact Play, SPH, Financial Domination, Public Humiliation, Ballbusting, Chastity, Ignore fetish, Sissification,, Body worship, Spit Fetish, Gagging, JOI. Virtual and in person sessions are available on request.

Mistress Lenora: "Dulce puella malum est."

My journey toward BDSM has been sown by the seeds of every lovestruck suitor throughout My burgeoning Womanhood.
A potent combination of femininity and intellect has been My source of power from the very beginning, and I continue to wield these with purpose and impunity, until every last wretched creature is flattened under My heel. ​ I have been studying the art of Domination and practicing professionally for the last seven years. The techniques I have honed over this time span from mild to wild, traditional to innovative. My backgrounds in Medicine, Psychology, and Entertainment are all utilised in the varying aspects of My craft. To Me, BDSM is the most transcendental sensual delight a human can experience, and I strive to use these power dynamics to guide My submissives in their own journeys of self-discovery, breaking them down to their crudest components, and then rebuilding them into stronger, more empathetic humans. This carnal slow dance toward enlightenment is My birth right to bestow onto you, My beautiful and delicate seekers. ​

Morganne King: Worship at My Altar

Welcome submissives and curious seekers of surrender...
Professional Goddess, Luxury Lifestyle Dominatrix, and Transformational FemDom Coach. I specialize in Sensual, Psychological, and Ritualistic FemDom, bespoke erotic experience curation, and long-term D/s.

Dommy Mommy K: Your Bondage Domme

I’m a professional lifestyle AB/DL Mommy offering sessions at my in-home nursery in Akron, Ohio.
Being a Mommy is genuinely fulfilling for me and something I love. Helping someone to feel relaxed, safe, and comfortable is a wonderful feeling. I'm also a diaper lover and enjoy wearing and being around others who wear. I love all types of ageplay from sweet and innocent play to dark ageplay. Some of my favorite activities with littles/submissives include bottle feedings, baths, cuddles, messy diapers, spankings, bondage, chastity, humiliation, and public (but discreet) outings.

Mistress Elena Dominatrix: Classic Lisbon Dominatrix

Best equipped Dungeon in Lisbon area with several rooms!
I am a classic professional dominatrix based in Lisbon, Portugal. I was trained & certified by the best LA pro domme (Mistress Damiana Chi) I am a REAL DOMINATRIX! I am not fetish escort, I do not have sex with clients, do not make sessions nude or in lingerie, and I do not allow naked body worship. Sex is happening in your mind, and I know how to capture it and bring you into a real submissive mode!

Domina Mimiko Mori: Elite NYC Powerhouse Sadista

I am strict. I am no nonsense.
I am the superior “sexual sadist” Asian American Woman predator. I hunt for total control over the willing and submissive. The 10+ years of lifestyle and non•stop professional reign over a vast amount of surrendered playthings. Beware, I am an advanced top player. I am the real deal classic Domina.

Lady Ravyn: Professional dominatrix and fantasy artist

you may call Me Lady Ravyn, and I am your sweetest nightmare come true. I am a kink and body positive, intellectually sassy-bohemian Goddess, but don’t let that fool you, I love to be in control and have My submissives and slaves at My mercy.

Mistress Noel Knight: Ultimate Femdom – Authentic Control

A cruel, humiliating, ice queen offering professional in-person domination sessions, online services, and intimate training.
I consider myself a sensual sadist. I enjoy making my submissive squirm and writhe in agony. Your whimpers of discomfort are music to my ears. Your torture can take many forms, from predicament bondage to CBT. Your pain truly is my pleasure.

Lady Lola: Professional Mistress

Lifestyle Femme Fatale | Fervent Fetishist | Classical Domination | Rituralistic BDSM
Come to kneel before the altar of refined cruelty and sensual suffering. Blonde, statuesque, graceful - relinquish control at the feet of The definitive Dominanatrix and discover yourself in My shadow. I am start and end of of your journey into submission.

Mistress Ultra Violet: Mistress Ultra Violet; FemDom

I am Mistress Ultra Violet. Playboy TV Star, two time DomCon Guest of Honor, and Owner/Operator of Atlanta Dungeon.
I have over a decade of experience in Professional Domination. I love to be worshiped and pampered. My beautiful Feet, Legs, and Ass will become the object of your obsession as I lead you deeper and deeper into chastity, slavery, and submission.

Madame Jackie: Nurturing Domme

Gaze up me with excitement for I have allowed you to be in my presents.
Greetings, I’m Madame Jackie, a Professional Dominatrix with years of experience being both a Domme and a submissive, I take kink seriously. I enjoy having subs, slaves, betas, as well as other curious beings who are willing to serve me. Being able to serve me is pure ecstasy. Come to me with all the dirty little secrets you hide from the world. Discretion and privacy are important and are heavily implemented. I want you to remember me for who I am and how I made you feel. Understand that I don't have to be forceful but I am a force to be reckoned with. I want you to be heard and understood so communication is important to me. This power exchange will be pure bliss.

Lily Kasai: Dominatrix Girlfriend

I am not a traditional dominatrix or girlfriend. Picture: Perverted Bookworm. Kinky Playmate
Quirky Deviant. I am easily approachable, non-judgmental, and playful. Make no mistake though, I like to be in charge. Under my athletic tall frame you will obey every perverted wish I give – and you will love it. Dreamy are my hazel eyes but nefarious are my words. My innocent demeanor is soothing but my fantasies are dark. My depraved giggles show my excitement and mischievous streak. I delight in my execution of sensual bruises, having power over your senses, and dressing you up, however I please. From our time together, you will find that my interests are eclectic, indulgent and just a little sinister. I’m thoughtful in my interactions and encounters. I’m soft spoken but that doesn’t mean I’m one to shy away from intensity. I have been professionally training as a dominatrix since 2018 and have many experiences in my personal life. I enjoy playing with novices, experienced players, and everyone in between. Whether you define yourself as a submissive, a bottom, a slave, a fetishist, or something else, I delight in interacting with anyone who is eager to learn about themselves.

Mistress Maria Harlow: Mistress Maria, Dominatrix Birmingham West Midlands and Worcestershire

A Demanding and Experienced West Midlands Mistress who You Will Learn to Adore
Welcome to the original domain of Mistress Maria Harlow – I am a genuinely Powerful and Professional Dominatrix based in the West Midlands. My natural instincts and maximum pleasure are derived by taking control and exerting power over men. I delight in, and am well versed and experience in all aspects of Bondage, Domination, Submission and masochism. I have always had a talent for getting what I want from the weaker gender and this is backed up by My looks and sensuality.

Mistress Serena: Beautiful Professional Mistress and Dominatrix

Have you yet to begin your adventures in the BDSM world, or are you a seasoned player who desires to delve deeper? I relish in your submission and love molding you into a perfect slave that is more than willing to serve Me.

Lady annabelle: Professional Dominatrix in Warsaw, Poland

I’m Lady Annabelle, I find pleasure in sadistic and humiliating practices, your pain and submission gives me greatest satisfaction.
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